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Social Purpose Annual Report

Social Purpose Annual Report

As we look to the future as a Social Purpose Corporation, we’re committed to serving readers and independent bookstores. Read our 2020 Annual Report to see an overview of the year.

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Featured bookseller pick

One Two Three

“Laurie Frankel: If she sounds familiar it’s because she’s the author of the bestselling book This Is How It Always Is. Book groups and other lovers of great novels love her. If you’ve read that book, you already know why. If not, here’s your chance to find out. One Two Three tells the story of a small family, in a small town, struck by disaster and struggling to keep going. Poisoned water can have a devastating impact of health–there are lots of children in Bourne whose lives bear witness to that truth. And there’s the Mitchell family–mother and a set of triplets–whose voices alternate throughout the book to tell their story. The author’s ability to speak in the language of these three girls is remarkable. I fell in love with Mab, and Monday, and Mirabel from the start. I think you will, too!”

Auntie's Bookstore image Linda, Auntie's Bookstore

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Get a free audiobook on Independent Bookstore Day! Learn more
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