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We believe that bookstores are essential to communities and we want to see them thrive. Weโ€™re proud to offer a platform for readers to purchase your audiobooks through their local, independent bookstores.

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Weโ€™re a Social Purpose Corporation that makes it possible for readers to buy audiobooks through their local bookstores, giving them the power to keep money within their local economy, create jobs, and make a difference in their community.

Whether readers are paying for a monthly membership, gifting audiobooks, or buying audiobooks for themselves or an organization, shares profits from their purchase with the local bookstore of their choice.

Our network of partner booksellers makes unique: we work with 2,500+ bookstores and 15,500+ booksellers who write audiobook reviews, curate playlists, and handsell audiobooks in-store.

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Itโ€™s easy to promote your audiobook link(s) on your website and social mediaโ€”just search for your name and/or audiobook title on our website, copy the url, and share.

Psst: We report sales to The New York Times, so every audiobook sold through could help your audiobook hit their Best Seller list.

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Check out our author guide for no-cost ideas and suggestions!

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Interested in becoming an affiliate and helping bookstores thrive? Youโ€™ll earn money every time someone buys an audiobook, starts a membership, or sends an audiobook gift through your custom links, and so will independent bookstores.

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Our Audiobook Listening Copy (ALC) program features advance and frontlist audiobooks each month. Youโ€™re invited to apply for influencer ALC access.

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If you are not producing your own audiobooks, talk with your publicity team and publisher about making the audiobook(s) available to us. Find more information about making your audiobook accessible to more listeners by avoiding Amazon Exclusive contracts on our blog.

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