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Welcome Authors

Learn how to enlist the indie bookstore community in promoting your audiobook(s).

Booksellers have always been discoverers of the next great read. While our Libro.fm team is decidedly small, we have a big team of more than 6,000 booksellers making audiobook recommendations, curating playlists, and handselling your audiobook(s). Our network of booksellers is what makes Libro.fm unique and contributes to our broader influence through New York Times sales reporting on behalf of more than 1,200 independent bookstore locations.

Are you a Narrator? We’ve got you covered too.

Our Story

An independent company based in Seattle, WA, Libro.fm is the first audiobook company to directly support independent bookstores. We make your audiobook(s) available through more than 1,200 bookstore locations and report sales to the New York Times.

We work with every major publisher and hundreds of independents. Our catalog of 125,000+ DRM-free digital audiobooks are available for a la carte download and through our membership program. Customers can then listen to their audiobooks on our free iOS and Android apps.

How We Can Help

We have a variety of features and functionality to help you promote your audiobooks. We’d also welcome the opportunity to connect with you and your publisher to create a marketing plan for your current or upcoming audiobook. You can reach our team at authors@libro.fm.

Custom Author Page

Custom Author Page

Let us create a custom author landing page to feature your audiobooks.

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Enhanced Audiobook Pages

Enhanced Audiobook Pages

Spruce up your audiobook page with videos, reviews, and links to your website or social media handles (see a sample enhanced audiobook page).

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Audiobook Giveaways

Give away copies of your audiobook via promo codes and digital gifting; a fast and easy way to share your audiobook.

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Become a Libro.fm Bestseller

Our bestsellers page allows you to see, in real-time, how your audiobook is selling across 1,000+ local bookstore locations!

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Pre-Order Marketing Materials

This is the most important time to share your audiobook link so you have the best chance at making the New York Times bestseller list and generating buzz.

Tell fans your audiobook is FREE. All customers have the option of becoming a monthly member and getting their first audiobook for free. Don’t worry, Libro.fm covers this cost and you still get paid for all audiobooks sales on the website.

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How You Can Help

While independent bookstores are thriving and audiobook growth is strong, we need your help. Your fans love you, they listen to you. If you’d like to help fuel independent bookstores across the nation and push for fair payment of your work, tell readers and listeners how to purchase your audiobook(s) through their local bookstore.

Please share the links to your audiobook(s) on Libro.fm on your website and through social media. And if your audiobook is not available on Libro.fm due to an exclusivity clause or other contract, make your voice heard by talking to your agent and publisher.

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Free Audiobooks on Us

If you’ve yet to try Libro.fm, let’s change that. We’ll get you started with two free credits when you create your free Libro.fm account. Simply email us at authors@libro.fm with your email address used to create the account and you’ll be able to select from more than 125,000 audiobooks and support your favorite bookstore while you listen.

Our Stance on Audiobook Exclusives

While Libro.fm has tens of thousands of audiobooks and more than 99% of all the NYT bestsellers, there are a few titles that are unavailable because of exclusive licenses granted by audiobook publishers and authors to Amazon’s Audible. We are fiercely independent and oppose Amazon’s efforts to keep the indies and others out of the audiobook business.

How do you prevent Amazon’s Audible from shutting out indie bookstores? First, understand the contract with your publisher: will your publisher produce the audiobook or license it to another publisher? Either way, add language into your agreement that requires your audiobook to be sold through independent bookstores. Second, if your publisher is planning to contract or license the audiobook version, ensure that your publisher puts language in their licensing agreement that prevents the audiobook publisher from selling your title exclusively to Amazon’s Audible.

How to Get Your Audiobook on Libro.fm

If you don’t see your audiobook on Libro.fm and/or want to find out how to make it happen, send an email to authors@libro.fm. We can point you in the right direction on the best way to produce your own audiobook or get it distributed.

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