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Get two free audiobooks AND support local bookstores Make the switch

Download Guide

Below is our handy guide to get you started. Need more info? Check out the How it works page. app with headphones

Option #1 (Recommended)

Listen with the free app

The app is available through the App Store, Google Play Store or Kindle. Once downloaded, log in to the app with your email and password, and you will find your audiobook(s) waiting for you in your library. Learn more about how to use the app.

Option #2

Download the audio files

You can download the DRM-free MP3 or m4b files directly to your computer and import these files into your media player of choice.

Download button

Step 1

Go to your account, find the audiobook you want to download, click the “Download files” button, and download the zip folders or the single-file m4b to your computer.

Zip icon

Step 2

If you downloaded the zip folders, navigate to the “Downloads” (Apple) or “My Downloads” (Windows) folder and double-click on the zipped folder(s) containing your audiobook’s MP3 files. If you downloaded the m4b file, proceed to step 3.

Media player icon

Step 3

Drag and drop the audio file(s) into the media player of your choice.

Option #3

Amazon Kindle

Having issues getting the app on your Amazon Kindle Fire? We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but Amazon has blocked our app from installing on Kindle devices via their AppStore. We’ve included a Kindle Fire Kindle workaround. Please note this will not work on the Kindle Paperwhite. Non-Kindle devices can still install via Amazon App Store.

Kindle workaround


Check out our Help Center or contact us and a real, audiobook-loving human will get back to you!

Get two free audiobooks AND support local bookstores Make the switch