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Please send media inquires to press@libro.fm. Just a warning though. Once you get us talking about our favorite audiobooks, it's hard to get us to stop.

About Libro.fm

Libro.fm is the first audiobook company to directly support local bookstores. We make it possible for customers to purchase audiobooks through their local bookstore of choice, and while our story is different from other audiobook providers, we offer the same audiobooks, at the same price.

What We Do For Customers

By choosing Libro.fm over other audiobook services, customers support a local bookstore of their choice—and invest in their local community. We offer over 150,000 audiobooks via our premium platform (which we built with love from scratch) and give customers bookseller recommendations for great audiobooks. And when they contact us, they'll hear directly from one of our team members who will ensure their listening experience is unmatched.

What We Do For Bookstores

We make it easy for bookstores to partner with us: we split profits with our bookstore partners and provide the platform, the marketing materials, and ongoing support. In addition, we offer booksellers complimentary audiobooks each month and highlight local bookshops to our community—because we want to see independent bookstores thrive. See all Bookstore Partners

What We Do For Communities

We provide a way for people to support their community regardless of location and the time constraints of modern life. When you shop local and support your bookstore through Libro.fm audiobooks, you’re putting money back into your community.

Bookstore Link, Built by Libro.fm

Bookstore Link connects readers to their local, independent bookstore for online book purchases. When someone follows a link to a book on Bookstore Link, they’ll choose their local independent bookstore and be connected directly to their bookstore’s website to complete the transaction. Bookstore Link sends traffic to independent bookstores' online stores and does not collect any money.

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The Libro.fm team

The Libro.fm team: Nick, Madi, Carl, Albee, Mark, Stephanie, and Jason. New team members not yet pictured: Jenna H., Jenna N., Jesse, Claire, Kelsey, and Mike.

Share a video about what your bookstore means to you and receive a FREE audiobook.

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