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Who We Are. is the first audiobook company to directly support independent bookstores.

We want to make it easy for you to listen to more audiobooks at a great price, all while knowing you are helping your community thrive. When you buy audiobooks through, you can rest assured knowing that publishers, authors, and independent bookstores are being treated fairly. We listen to our stores, our communities, authors, and publishers to shape as part of a more sustainable, community-driven ecosystem.

How It Works

What We Do. offers tens of thousands of digital audiobooks and makes it possible for you to listen to your audiobooks anytime, anywhere, on any device, all while supporting your local independent bookstore. We use the latest technology to deliver an excellent listening experience to all our customers.

We Build Community. partners with hundreds of local bookstores throughout the country. Booksellers have always been discoverers of the next great read, and through our partnerships, we are able to point you towards your next audiobook through Bookseller Recommendations and Bookstore-curated Playlists.

The Choice is Yours.

When it comes to books, audio or otherwise, we know that you have a choice. There are many options out there, but not all of those options are equal. Some prioritize profits over people. At, we know our relationships with customers, partner bookstores, authors, and publishers can be a driving force for building community. At the heart of what we do is our love of books and our commitment to helping your local community thrive. Just like your favorite brick-and-mortar shop.


We are proud to support independent bookstores and encourage you to buy your print books from a store in your neighborhood. Stop by, chat with the staff, and buy a book!

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Made in Seattle was built from scratch and is run by a team of audiobook lovers in Seattle.

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