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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at

As a Social Purpose Corporation and independently-owned company, has the freedom to put energy into activism and social good. We strive to do this in a number of ways, including amplifying historically excluded voices, diversifying our team as we grow, building an accessible platform, working with our bookselling partners, and pushing for change within the book industry.

Our commitments:

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Amplifying historically excluded voices

Our bookselling partners are passionate about curating playlists and bookseller recommendations from our diverse catalog of over 450,000 audiobooks. We actively amplify audiobooks by authors of color, disabled authors, and LGBTQIA+ authors throughout our website, app, and marketing communications.

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Prioritizing accessibility

Audiobooks play an important role in making reading more widely accessible. We continue to audit and update our technology and communications platforms to support accessibility for visually impaired, neurodivergent, and disabled individuals.

Our design approach
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Building community brings together over 3,000 independent bookstores worldwide, representing dozens of countries and a wide range of ownership attributes. Our Bookshop Finder allows you to filter by bookshop ownership, including API-owned, author-owned, Black-owned, disabled-owned, Indigenous-owned, Latine-owned, LGBTQIA+-owned, and woman-owned. As we continue to expand internationally, we look forward to adding more shops to this map, helping customers discover new bookshops, and highlighting additional attributes.

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Valuing transparency

As a Social Purpose Corporation and 100% employee-owned company, we pursue both social and financial goals in the for-profit context, even if those social goals may at times conflict with the corporationโ€™s financial interests. We release an annual report outlining our efforts and progress.

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We seek out different perspectives.

Our staff DEI book club kick-starts intentional conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion. See audiobooks we recommend to start a DEI book club at work.

We encourage feedback.

We are always evolving the actions we embrace as a company, and we invite dialogue, questions, comments, and suggestions from our community.

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As we continue to grow, weโ€™re committed to ensuring equitable recruiting and hiring processes.

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