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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at is committed to doing the work:

Amplifying marginalized voices, diversifying our team as we grow, evaluating our partnerships, and pushing for change within the book industry. app


The inclusion of individuals from different backgrounds with a wide range of personal experiences, based on variables like gender, age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical ability, geographic location, socioeconomic backgrounds, political leanings, religion, or other ideologies.

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The practice of treating everyone fairly by putting just and impartial processes/procedures in place, eliminating barriers that prevent people’s participation or success, and ensuring that everyone has equal access to resources.

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The actions taken to make sure each person’s individual perspective is respected and valued.

How we promote diversity, equity, and inclusion:

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We feature identity-based collections on our website as well as landing pages to uplift LGBTQIA+ and disabled communities. app

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We strive for BIPOC author representation across our monthly ALC program, which leads to more exposure to booksellers, bookstagrammers, reviewers, news outlets, educators, librarians, and other bookish influencers.

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We continue to audit and update our technology and communications platforms to support accessibility for visually impaired, neurodiverse, and disabled individuals. Read more

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We feature BIPOC-operated bookstores and diverse booksellers on our social media channels and blog, and actively seek these voices out to share with the larger community.

We value transparency.

As a Social Purpose Corporation, we pursue both social and financial goals in the for-profit context, even if those social goals may at times conflict with the corporation’s financial interests. We release an annual report outlining our efforts and progress.

Social Purpose Annual Reports
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We actively work to ensure that we apply equitable processes to recruiting and hiring as we continue to grow.

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We strive to hear all voices.

We are always evolving the actions we embrace as a company, and we invite dialogue, questions, comments, and suggestions from our community.

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