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Flying Pig Bookstore

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Flying Pig Bookstore

Shelburne, VT

Author-Owned LGBTQIA+ Owned Woman-Owned

Welcome to the Flying Pig! We are delighted to be locally owned, independent bookstore in Vermont. What began as a tiny venture stocking 6,500 children's books in an 850-sq.ft Charlotte, Vermont post office building has grown over the past two decades to become a nationally known, award-winning store (now located in Shelburne) with more than 30,000 books for grownups as well as kids. Bookselling is an honor, one that we appreciate every day. We have the best staff and customers on the planet. If you're new to the store, we'll look forward to meeting you!

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Parnassus Books, Nashville TN

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From the Blog’s 2023 Audiobook Listening Challenge

By Albee Romero • January 4th, 2023

Take our listening challenge to read more and diversify your audiobook-listening in 2023—all while supporting your local, independent bookstore with!

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