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These Audiobooks Give 100% of Proceeds to Afterword Tavern & Shelves

When you shop these featured audiobooks, Afterword Tavern & Shelves receives 100% of the sale when purchased à la carte, and $15 when a credit is used by a member.

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The Impossible First

“I love a good adventure book and this was definitely a good one! I did not know about all of Colin's amazing athletic feats he had already accomplished prior to the crossing of Antarctica and was thoroughly impressed. He effortlessly wove past stories of other exceedingly challenging goals he had accomplished with his story of crossing Antarctica entirely alone. The reader really gets a look into how he makes choices and how all of our choices have an effect from that moment on. I was greatly inspired by this book. It shows that at even the hardest times, the small choice to take another step can lead you to the finish line you never thought you could reach. This book is definitely worth a listen!”

Tattered Cover image Chelsea, Tattered Cover

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These Audiobooks Give 100% of Proceeds to Afterword Tavern & Shelves Browse Now
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