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A Nearly Normal Family

“A Nearly Normal Family is a slow-burning legal thriller that had me listening to it every free moment I had. There are three narrators in the twisted family drama - the Father, the Daughter, and the Mother. They each tell their own version of the time and events. There is a difference though. Each weaves his/her story with lies and deception. The core of the plot centers around the 16-year-old daughter who is accused of murdering a man twice her age. The father of the accused is a pastor and the mother is a lawyer. The reader must decipher truth among the lies and cover-ups. There are quite a few twists and turns along the way. I enjoyed this very much. I found myself thinking about it throughout the day and couldn't wait to get back to it. The narration is top-notch. I highly recommend this book and I look forward to reading more books by the author.”

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