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Libro.fm is the first audiobook company to make it possible for you to buy audiobooks directly through Magers & Quinn Booksellers.

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The Cutting Room

“A sadistic serial killer who thinks he is an artist is at work and it is up to DCI Greg Carver and Sargent Ruth Lake and their team to find and stop him. The killer not only sets up “artistic” displays using victim’s body parts but he uses social media to create a mob mentality about his art and to garner thousands of followers who manage to get to the scenes before the police. Carver is still suffering after effects from the head injury he received in their last case and Ruth is once again doing everything she can to cover for him, and keep this from their superiors. However, the tables are turned when Ruth’s personal life becomes enmeshed with the case and Carver has to give her some leeway while at the same time making sure the case isn’t compromised. This is one sick, depraved, individual and once again Ruth and Carver, despite their personal issues manage to do their jobs. I loved Splinter in the Blood but I liked The Cutting Room even more and can’t wait to find out more about Ruth’s back story.”

Fiction Addiction image Nancy, Fiction Addiction

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