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Audiobooks for kids

Kids love listening to stories, and audiobooks are the perfect storytellers. With added benefits of increased comprehension and vocabulary, audiobooks are great options for eager new readers and young bookworms alike. Whether your kids want to travel to far-away lands or learn about a brand new topic, find an audiobook your whole family will enjoy.*

Audiobooks by age

Find the perfect audiobook for your child or teen.

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Kids Club

The Kids Club is perfect for little ears. Parents can find a fresh collection of fantastic audiobooks for children on sale each month. It’s free to join and there’s no monthly commitment.

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YA Club

Young Adult audiobooks are favorites for both the young and old. The YA Club features the hottest YA audiobooks on sale each month! It’s free to join and there is no monthly commitment.

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No, reading audiobooks is not cheating.

You might feel that tuning in to books isn’t as beneficial as turning pages. Rest assured—this is quite contrary to the reality. Audiobooks are a fantastic way to consume content, and they offer many benefits for learning.

Young child with headphones

Listen Up! Why Audiobooks Count as Reading

As we strive to create an inclusive and engaging learning environment, it’s time we embrace the fact that reading goes beyond the written word.

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Boy reading in a park

11 Ways Audiobooks Boost Literacy in Young Readers

Here are some ways you can use audiobooks to support emerging readers, build reading confidence, and promote a lifelong love of books.

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Audiobooks and Learning

Audiobooks and Learning

Audiobooks come with a plethora of benefits for learning, especially in young readers.

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*As set out in our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, the Service is intended for users age 18 or older. Through our Kids (or YA) Club and other marketing, we offer recommendations for Children’s and YA books for the use of parents and guardians only.

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