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Invitation to Die

“I listened to the audio of this, the second Inspector Redfyre mystery, without having read the first, and I had no problems diving right into the clever, Cambridge-set story. Despite the series being named for the inspector, the book is really quite an ensemble piece, with investigations by Redfyre's supervisor and colleague as well as plenty of side jaunts and back-and-forths through time, including a witness account that goes back to the Boer War. It's a satisfying, complex, sometimes funny mystery with a pleasantly rambling structure. The narration on the audio is suitably arch with a wonderful period feel. I really enjoyed it, and anyone who enjoys atmosphere, twists, turns, and peeks into exclusive worlds (behind the walls at Cambridge) and doesn't mind a little meandering will enjoy it, too. ”

Queen Anne Book Company image Tegan, Queen Anne Book Company


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These Audiobooks Give 100% of Proceeds to Sparta Books Browse Now
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