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“A baby girl, abandoned by her mother, is raised by pigeons high on the rooftop of an old warehouse. She speaks their language and, even though she comes to understand that she is different from the rest of her flock, they are the only family she knows and loves. Desperate to save an injured bird, she takes the frightening journey to the ground to seek the help of an old woman who often comes to feed the birds. As Coo experiences the warmth and full-belly comfort of the human world and begins to learn a strange new language, she finds a new kinds of love and friendship. When her flock is threatened by a city-imposed program to reduce pigeon populations, Coo takes another frightening journey to try to save them. Young readers who love stories about animal heroes will love this book. Audio narrator, Jesse Vilinski, makes pigeon dialogue sound just delightful.”

Rediscovered Books image Becky, Rediscovered Books


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These Audiobooks Give 100% of Proceeds to Open Book Browse Now
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