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James Patterson

We’re excited to announce that author James Patterson is being featured as a Bookstore Champion! His holiday bookstore bonus program has awarded booksellers holiday bonuses for the last six years. Since its inception he has contributed a total of $1.35 million to booksellers and bookstores through the program. James Patterson is known for his tremendous support and generosity to the bookselling world, and for highlighting the important role booksellers play in our communities.

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“I’m humbled to be able to give back to people who champion books on a daily basis—and especially to those children’s booksellers guiding kids to books that’ll keep them reading. Nothing is more important.”

James Patterson, Author

James Patterson Opens Holiday Bookstore Bonus Program for 2019

Patterson is partnering for the sixth year in a row with the American Booksellers Association to distribute the funds, which will be granted in amounts of $500 to 500 individual booksellers. New this year, a specific number of the bonuses will be set aside for children's booksellers. This year’s campaign will be open to all U.S. independent bookstore employees through October 12.

By Liz Button • American Bookseller Association

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James Patterson's Holiday Bonuses for Booksellers Are Back

For the sixth year running, author James Patterson has renewed his Holiday Bookstore Bonus Program. Patterson has pledged $250,000, as he did last year, bringing his total contribution to independent booksellers and bookstores through the program to $1.35 million to date.

By John Maher • Publishers Weekly

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The Bookstore Champions award recognizes individuals who actively advocate for local bookstores through their platforms, influence, and contributions.

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