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Minneapolis, MN /

Birchbark Books is operated by a spirited collection of people who believe in the power of good writing, the beauty of handmade art, the strength of Native culture, and the importance of small and intimate bookstores. Our books are lovingly chosen. Our store is tended with care.

There is no one like us in person, and no one like us online. We are not owned by a corporation; we are not part of a chain. We are that increasingly rare thing -- a tiny independent bookstore. We exist to keep real conversations between book lovers alive. We exist to nourish and build a community based on books. We are a locus for Indigirati -- literate Indigenous people who have survived over half a millennium on this continent. We sponsor readings by Native and non-Native writers, journalists, historians. We are a neighborhood bookstore, and also an international presence. Our visitors come from Minneapolis-St. Paul, from U.S. reservations and Canadian reserves, and from all over the world!

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