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The Liar’s Girl

“I've been on a thriller kick lately and my entire life I've had a particular love of books set in Ireland. I saw this book in the Sale list and it looked really good so I decided to give it a chance. I loved the book so much that it's now going to be a part of our "Books to read for St. Patrick's Day display." (Which will obviously be more than thrillers). The narration is brilliant - the Irish brogues of the narrators are easy to understand, but important to the entire experience of the story. Allison is ten years removed from being a first year student at St. John's College in Dublin. That year a serial killer was targeting female students and dumping their bodies in the canal. She's created a life in the Netherlands, but is called back to Ireland for the first time because the killings have started up again and her then boyfriend (who confessed to the crime and is serving time in the Central Psychiatric Hospital) will only talk to her. Allison soon gets sucked in to investigating the crimes - desperately trying to find the truth.”

The Bookstore at Fitger's image Jennifer, The Bookstore at Fitger's

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