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Saskatoon, SK / turning.ca

Established in 2003 and recently relocated to 615 Main St, Turning the Tide is Saskatoon’s alternative bookstore, offering an excellent selection of fiction, and hand-picked non-fiction books on current events, sustainable living, and generally making the world a better place. You might not guess it, but we also offer cookbooks, children’s books, graphic novels, and magazines. Alongside the books, we rent DVDs and Blu-Rays, boasting over 2000 films and TV shows in our collection including new release Hollywood and independent films with a huge selection of foreign-language films and documentaries. If you are a university or career college student, there is a good chance we are the off-campus bookstore your profs send you to for your texts. Book and DVD special orders are available by request. Come on down and see why the George Strombolopolous Show named us one of "Ten Beloved Bookstores from Coast to Coast."

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