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Background: Colgate Bookstore / Hamilton, NY

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Taking a Shot

“This was my first taste of Jaci Burton’s work. I was initially drawn to the book because I love both romance novels and hockey. This seemed like it would be the perfect blend of the two, and I was right. Jaci created a story that had all the feel good moments of a “Hallmark romance”, with some steamy scenes thrown in. The story is full of characters that are perfectly-imperfect. You find yourself rooting for Jenna and Tyler, wanting them to go that extra step, and to not be afraid of love or going for their dreams. I found parts of myself in many of them, and fell in love with this book. It simply captured my heart, and made it impossible to leave. The stories she created are ones I know will always have a special place on my shelves and my heart.”

Mysterious Galaxy Books image Victoria, Mysterious Galaxy Books

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