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Lenox, MA / bookstoreinlenox.com

The Bookstore, a fixture in Lenox for well over forty years, was actually born in the neighboring town of Stockbridge, in the living room of a small rented house behind an alley that housed a then little-known cafe called Alice’s Restaurant. The date of the move to Lenox is lost to antiquity, but it is safe to assume that it happened in the late 1960s or early 1970s. So much of what happened in those days is lost in memory, eh? Yours, mine, ours. It was (appropriately) on April Fools Day in the year of the republic’s bicentennial that the store legally passed from its owner/founder David Silverstein to current owner and sole proprietor Matt Tannenbaum. The anecdotal purchase and sale agreement happened a month or two earlier, the details of which can be found on websites not on this plane. One thing is for sure, a good time has mostly been had by all since 1966. Ten years was enough for David, but Matt has kept the place alive and thriving for over 40.

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