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St. Louis, MO / subbooks.com

We opened in October 2000, focusing on the independent book store best sellers, a diverse fiction collection, children's books, history, and anything else we think is really interesting.

Our big categories are literature, music, film, pop culture, children’s, cultural studies, history… Our smaller (but no less important) include religion, crafts, science, nature, cookbooks, gardening, travel…

The entire staff has input on what we stock, so the store is always evolving and improving. We listen to our customers, as well, eavesdropping on what books they’re talking about. We listen to the radio, read newspapers, magazines, blogs—we’re always looking for tips on what’s out there and what our customers might like.

If we don’t have something in stock we can always order it for you—either here through our website or in-store.

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