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Things You Save in a Fire

“I enjoyed Katherine Center's last book, "How To Walk Away" so naturally, I was excited to see that she had a new one out. Center's new novel, "Things You Save In A Fire" was equally entertaining. Katherine Center has a unique writing style - she manages to present full-color characters in a story which has a healthy dose of humor. It is the perfect recipe for a delightful novel. The book revolves around Cassie, a firefighter in Austin, Texas. Her estranged Mother reaches out to her and asks her to and live with her for a year at her home in Massachusetts. Her Mother is ill and needs her help. Cassie agrees and is transferred to a fire station outside Boston. Cassie's new station is chock-full of lovable characters and that's when the fun begins. Btw... Cassie even finds love. "Things To Save In A Fire" is a light read but does have depth. I found myself chuckling as well as sniffling through the pages. The narration gets an A+. This book would be a great addition to your long walks or car rides.”

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