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Celebrate Independent Bookstore Day

Free Audiobooks from Libro.fm on Saturday, April 25th

This Independent Bookstore Day, support your local bookstore through audiobooks! While the choice might seem small, listening through Libro.fm has a huge impact on your community. Join the party and enjoy some free audiobooks on us.

We’ll send you an email to collect your free audiobooks on April 25th.

Enjoy These Free Audiobooks on April 25th:

Wanderlust, USA

Wanderlust, USA

By Flula Borg

Conan fan favorite and eccentric YouTube personality Flula Borg presents his first audiobook, a full-length travel-adventure through America’s most coveted cultural events! Infused with Flula’s infectious enthusiasm, Wanderlust, USA is an immersive and uproarious experience that reveals the heart of America in a unique way.

Wanderlust, USA

On Cats

By Charles Bukowski

Poignant yet free of treacle, On Cats is an illuminating portrait of this one-of-a-kind artist and his unique view of the world, witnessed through his relationship with the animals he considered his most profound teachers.

Sean Doolittle + Libro.fm

Libro.fm is dedicated to supporting local bookstores in all that we do. We also believe that the more voices that join the movement, the better, and are pleased that Libro.fm Bookstore Champion Sean Doolittle has been selected as the 2020 Independent Bookstore Day Ambassador.

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What is Independent Bookstore Day?

April 25th is Independent Bookstore Day: a one-day party taking place at local bookshops all across the country. It’s a day to celebrate the unique ways your local bookstore and booksellers contribute to your community—plus, you’ll enjoy free audiobooks, as well as exclusive books and literary items that you can only get on Independent Bookstore Day. Mark your calendar and bring your kids, your neighbors, and your friends!

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