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Bridge of Clay

“I'm in awe of this audiobook. The author reads it, and his Aussie accent creates a sense of place and person immediately and powerfully. I loved knowing as I listened that he was pronouncing and stressing his words and phrases exactly as he meant them to sound. At times his voice vibrates with deep connection with the characters he's created. The writing is rich and beautiful. I usually read mostly for plot and story, but this book had me slow down and re-listen to bits of it to savor the language and the images. AND the story, the "what happens" is completely engaging. In basic terms, it's about five brothers and their dad and their mom, and it viscerally portrays that world of boys/men so that as I listened, I fully inhabited that world. And, because it draws such a full and compelling portrait of these boys and their experience [especially Clay, the fourth brother], it is also celebrates the girls and women in their universe. It left me with an appreciation of gender differences and of the gloriousness of being human.”

Tattered Cover image Cathy, Tattered Cover


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#ShopBookstoresNow: See the impact of what you’ve accomplished so far. Live Updates
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