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Perspectives on Disability

Disabled-owned bookstores

Check out this directory of disabled-owned bookstores to find a store near you, or somewhere to support virtually.

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Designing with an Accessibility-First Approach

Learn more about how ensures our website and iOS and Android apps are designed to be accessible for every listener.

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Audiobooks on Disabilities

Being Heumann by  Judith Heumann & Kristen Joiner
Being Heumann
Judith Heumann & Kristen Joiner
Phantompains by Therese Estacion
Therese Estacion
Ali and the Sea Stars by Ali Stroker
Ali and the Sea Stars
Ali Stroker
Diary of a Young Naturalist by Dara McAnulty
Diary of a Young Naturalist
Dara McAnulty
The Pretty One by Keah Brown
The Pretty One
Keah Brown
What Doesn't Kill You by Tessa Miller
What Doesn't Kill You
Tessa Miller
Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig
Reasons to Stay Alive
Matt Haig
Disability Visibility: First-Person Stories from the Twenty-First Century by Alice Wong
Disability Visibility: First-Person Stories from the Twenty-First Century
Alice Wong
There Plant Eyes by M. Leona Godin
There Plant Eyes
M. Leona Godin
The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida
The Reason I Jump
Naoki Higashida
Invisible Storm by Jason Kander
Invisible Storm
Jason Kander
Have Dog, Will Travel by Stephen Kuusisto
Have Dog, Will Travel
Stephen Kuusisto
The Autistic Brain by Temple Grandin & Richard Panek
The Autistic Brain
Temple Grandin & Richard Panek
Demystifying Disability by Emily Ladau
Demystifying Disability
Emily Ladau
The Beauty of Dusk by Frank Bruni
The Beauty of Dusk
Frank Bruni
Unleash Different by Rich Donovan
Unleash Different
Rich Donovan
Hard Landings by Cammie McGovern
Hard Landings
Cammie McGovern
About Us by Peter Catapano & Rosemarie Garland-Thomson
About Us
Peter Catapano & Rosemarie Garland-Thomson
My Dyslexia by Philip Schultz
My Dyslexia
Philip Schultz
We're Not Broken by Eric Garcia
We're Not Broken
Eric Garcia
A Disability History of the United States by Kim E. Nielsen
A Disability History of the United States
Kim E. Nielsen
The Ables by Jeremy Scott
The Ables
Jeremy Scott
Focused by Alyson Gerber
Alyson Gerber
Funny, You Don't Look Autistic by Michael McCreary
Funny, You Don't Look Autistic
Michael McCreary
What to Say Next by Sarah Nannery & Larry Nannery
What to Say Next
Sarah Nannery & Larry Nannery
Mean Baby by Selma Blair
Mean Baby
Selma Blair
Care Work by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
Care Work
Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
If at Birth You Don't Succeed by Zach Anner
If at Birth You Don't Succeed
Zach Anner
Being Seen by Elsa Sjunneson
Being Seen
Elsa Sjunneson
I Live a Life Like Yours by Jan Grue
I Live a Life Like Yours
Jan Grue
The Story of My Life by Helen Keller
The Story of My Life
Helen Keller
Disfigured by Amanda Leduc
Amanda Leduc
True Biz by Sara Novic
True Biz
Sara Novic
Haben by Haben Girma
Haben Girma
Bookseller Pick
The Silence Between Us by Alison Gervais
The Silence Between Us
Alison Gervais
Decarcerating Disability by Liat Ben-Moshe
Decarcerating Disability
Liat Ben-Moshe
Centered by Anthony Ianni & Rob Keast
Anthony Ianni & Rob Keast
How to Be Human by Jory Fleming
How to Be Human
Jory Fleming
Bookseller Pick
Sitting Pretty by Rebekah Taussig
Sitting Pretty
Rebekah Taussig
Breathe and Count Back from Ten by Natalia Sylvester
Breathe and Count Back from Ten
Natalia Sylvester
Bookseller Pick
Easy Beauty by Chloé Cooper Jones
Easy Beauty
Chloé Cooper Jones

How we define disability

We subscribe to the definition of disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): any person who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activity. is a Social Purpose Corporation

A Social Purpose Corporation (SPC) employs a hybrid approach to growth and profit, incorporating elements of traditional for-profit business and nonprofit organization. An SPC is able to pursue both social and financial goals in the for-profit context, even if those social goals may at times conflict with the corporation’s financial interest or shareholders’ financial interests.

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