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WE BELIEVE... IN POTENTIAL The Brain Lair Bookstore is here to help everyone, especially children and teens, see themselves in a new light. We want to help you find, and celebrate, your place in the world. And if you can’t find your place? The Brain Lair Bookstore helps you make it. IN POSSIBILITIES When you see someone like you reflected in books and other media, you get a clearer vision of what’s possible, of what you can do, of where you can go. The Brain Lair Bookstore’s job is to seek out books that help you create that vision. IN PEOPLE Our inclusive focus benefits everyone, including people who often find themselves on the margins. The people of color. The people with disabilities. The people who identify as LGBTQ+. The very people who make up our world. Visit The Brain Lair Bookstore to find books face-out, prominently featuring all the people of the world. Our small store size allows us to handpick our titles; books that reflect our community and show the vast array of communities we share.

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