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Halifax and Charlottetown, Canada / bookmarkreads.ca

Merchants of Culture
We are a locally owned, independent bookstore with a passion for books and reading. Since 1972 in Charlottetown and 1989 in Halifax, the Bookmark people have promoted the benefits of the written word, the beauty the book as physical object, and the value of sharing stories and ideas. We see independence as a virtue and are doing our part to keep our communities interesting.

Champions of Local
We believe in a local economy – we believe that spending money is a political act, every dollar we spend casts a ballot for the kind of world we want to live in. There is no right or wrong answer, but if you don’t shop locally, if you don’t support the local economy, in the real world, there won’t be one left when you step outside. At Bookmark, we are strong supporters of the local literary community. We also take seriously spending our dollars locally for marketing services, accounting, legal and other business services.

Mainly because of the Books!
At Bookmark, we carry some interesting sidelines but we live to promote and sell books. It’s all about a love affair with the written word. At Bookmark, booklovers are among friends.

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