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The Memory Thief

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The Memory Thief

Thirteen Witches

Bookseller Recommendation

If you enjoyed The Girl Who Drank the Moon, then you’ll love The Memory Thief.

“Anderson does such a brilliant job breathing life into all her characters, whether witch or girl or ghost. Her background mythos is unique and beautiful with a moon goddess, cloud shepherds, phantom blue birds, ghost spiders, and more. I also love how there is no sympathy towards her witches. These are not misunderstood old ladies from cozy folktales, or cartoonish bad guys from Disney fairytales, these witches are scary. Looking forward to more in this series. Johanna Parker’s slightly European lilt adds the perfect youthful tone to Rosie’s voice. It is delightful. Highly recommended.”

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“This expertly crafted story thrums with magic, love, and tense action.” —Booklist (starred review)

Perfect for fans of The Girl Who Drank the Moon, this fantastical and heartfelt first book in a new trilogy from New York Times bestselling author Jodi Lynn Anderson follows a girl who must defeat thirteen evil witches.

Twelve-year-old Rosie Oaks’s mom is missing whatever it is that makes mothers love their daughters. All her life, Rosie has known this...and turned to stories for comfort. Then, on the night Rosie decides to throw her stories away forever, an invisible ally helps her discover the Witch Hunter’s Guide to the Universe, a book that claims that all of the evil in the world stems from thirteen witches who are unseen...but also unstoppable. One of these witches—the Memory Thief—holds an insidious power to steal our most precious treasures: our memories. And it is this witch who has cursed Rosie’s mother.

In her quest to save her mom—and with her wild, loyal friend “Germ” by her side—Rosie will find the layers hidden under the reality she only thought she knew: where ghosts linger as shades of the past, where clouds witness the world, and a ladder dangles from the moon leading to something bigger and more. Here, words are weapons against the darkness, and witch hunters are those brave enough to wield their imaginations in the face of the unthinkable.

At the core of this stunning novel—the first of the Thirteen Witches trilogy from critically acclaimed author Jodi Lynn Anderson—is a passionate argument that stories have the power to create meaningful change...and a reason to hope even when the world feels crushing.

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Thirteen Witches Series

Bookseller Pick
The Memory Thief
The Memory Thief
Jodi Lynn Anderson

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