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Ender's Game

The Ender Quintet: Book #1
By Orson Scott Card
Narrated by Stefan Rudnicki, Harlan Ellison & Gabrielle de Cuir / 11 hours 14 minutes

Ender's Game is the winner of the 1985 Nebula Award for Best Novel, the 1986 Hugo Award for Best Novel, and a 2013 Major Motion Picture.

Bookseller Recommendation

Ender's Game

“For my first sci-fi book, this was recommended for me. I was NOT disappointed!”

Gottwals Books image Jimmy, Gottwals Books

In order to develop a secure defense against a hostile alien race's next attack, government agencies breed child geniuses and train them as soldiers. A brilliant young boy, Andrew "Ender" Wiggin lives with his kind but distant parents, his sadistic brother Peter, and the person he loves more than anyone else, his sister Valentine. Peter and Valentine were candidates for the soldier-training program but didn't make the cut-- young Ender is the Wiggin drafted to the orbiting Battle School for rigorous military training. Ender's skills make him a leader in school and respected in the Battle Room, where children play at mock battles in zero gravity. Yet, growing up in an artificial community of young soldiers causes Ender to suffer greatly from isolation, rivalry from his peers, pressure from the adult teachers, and an unsettling fear of the alien invaders. His psychological battles include loneliness, fear that he is becoming like the cruel brother he remembers, and fanning the flames of devotion to his beloved sister.

Is Ender the general Earth needs? But Ender is not the only result of the genetic experiments. The war with the Buggers has been raging for a hundred years, and the quest for the perfect general has been underway for almost as long. Ender's two older siblings are every bit as unusual as he is, but in very different ways. Between the three of them lie the abilities to remake a world. If, that is, the world survives.

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“An affecting novel full of surprises that seem inevitable once they are explained. The key, of course, is Ender Wiggin himself. Mr. Card never makes the mistake of patronizing or sentimentalizing his hero. Alternately likable and insufferable, his is a convincing little Napoleon in short pants.”

Gerald Jonas, The New York Times

“Card has taken the venerable sf concepts of a superman and interstellar war against aliens, and, with superb characterization, pacing and language, combined them into a seamless story of compelling power. This is Card at the height of his very considerable powers—a major sf novel by any reasonable standards.”


About the Author

Orson Scott Card is the bestselling author best known for the classic Ender's Game, Ender's Shadow and other novels in the Ender universe. He was awarded the 2008 Margaret A. Edwards Award for lifetime achievement in Young Adult literature from the American Library Association. Card has written sixty-one books, assorted plays, comics, and essays and newspaper columns. His work has won multiple awards, including back-to-back wins of the Hugo and the Nebula Awards-- the only author to have done so in consecutive years. His titles have also landed on 'best of' lists and been adopted by cities, universities and libraries for reading programs. The Ender novels have inspired a Marvel Comics series, a video game from Chair Entertainment, and a 2013 film adaptation. Card offers writing workshops from time to time and occasionally teaches writing and literature at universities.

Orson Scott Card currently lives with his family in Greensboro, NC.


Ender's Game is a brilliant science fiction classic, winner of both the Hugo and the Nebula awards. When six year old Ender Wiggin is brought to the massive space station military school known as Battle School, he knows only that he is being trained to help protect Earth from the vicious alien race known as the Buggers. He soon finds out that not only is Battle School the hardest thing he, or for that matter almost anyone, has ever done, but that the decisions that he makes may well decide the fate of the world. Orson Scott Card's masterpiece is much more than the surface story of humans versus aliens; it is a powerful exploration into human nature, leadership, and group dynamics. ”

Penguin Bookshop

“Front to back this 1971 classic treatise on man and society lives today as clearly as it did when it was released. Soon to be a feature film, if you like action, politics and existentialism you will love this. One spoiler is the way they use email is eerily the way we do now!”

McNally Jackson Independent Booksellers

“An increasingly popular and relevant novel that risks and achieves and delivers more than most anything else within the science fiction genre, Ender's Game is a contemporary classic — a work, as Gene Wolf has written, that will still be finding new readers when 99 percent of the books published this year are completely forgotten.”

Powell's Books

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The Ender Quintet Series

The story is one that you and I will construct together in your memory. If the story means anything to you at all, then when you remember it afterward, think of it, not as something I created, but rather as something that we made together. Sometimes lies were more dependable than the truth. I think it's impossible to really understand somebody, what they want, what they believe, and not love them the way they love themselves.
These Audiobooks Give 100% of Proceeds to Local Bookstores Browse Now