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Lost Boy

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Lost Boy

The True Story of Captain Hook

Bookseller Recommendation

Lost Boy

“Have you ever watched a movie or read a book and wondered how the villain became the villain? Christina Henry did just that. Jamie, the first lost boy Peter brought from the Other Place, is an amazing character you can't help but sympathize with and want on your side, even knowing who he becomes. Jamie starts to see just who Peter Pan really is and isn’t sure that he likes the boy that has been his friend for as long as he can remember. As time passes both Peter and Jamie get closer to the other lost children. But while Jamie sees them as friends and brothers, Peter sees them as a way to make Jamie do what Peter wants him to do. After some time, Jamie is tired of Peter’s games and isn’t sure that he wants to play anymore. But Peter isn’t ready to let him go and has one game left to play. Christina Henry draws you in and makes you want the “bad guy” to win, and the “good guy” to lose. As you listen to this tale remember the one lesson that Jamie learned the hard way, Peter Pan lies!”

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The author of Alice takes readers through a dark tale of Peter Pan, who turns his best friend into his nemesis, Captain Hook. On an island lives a boy called Peter and his band of merry lost boys, young forever. That is, unless they get sick or killed by pirates or eaten by crocodiles or unless-inexplicably-they grow old. For some of them do grow old, and nobody knows why. One of these boys is called Jamie, and he was the first boy that Peter ever brought to the island. Jamie's lived there for longer than he can remember, and it's not all fun and games. Peter thinks the boys are replaceable, that if one dies or grows up, he can swap in another from the Other Place, the place where he collects new playmates. Jamie looks out for the boys and takes care of them. He does everything Peter does not. Jamie tries to keep them alive because, to him, they matter. When Peter steals a boy who is too young, Jamie takes the boy under his wing. But Peter won't have that, for nobody will ever take Jamie from him. Ever.

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