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Book One in the Dune Chronicles

By Frank Herbert
Narrated by: Scott Brick, Orlagh Cassidy, Euan Morton, Simon Vance, Ilyana Kadushin, Byron Jennings, David R. Gordon, Jason Culp, Kent Broadhurst, Oliver Wyman, Patricia Kilgarriff & Scott Sowers
Length: 21 hours 1 minutes

SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE directed by Denis Villeneuve, starring Timothée Chalamet, Josh Brolin, Jason Momoa, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Javier Bardem, Dave Bautista, Stellan Skarsgård, and Charlotte Rampling.

Set on the desert planet Arrakis, Dune is the story of the boy Paul Atreides, who would become the mysterious man...

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The Deep

By Rivers Solomon, Daveed Diggs, William Hutson & Jonathan Snipes
Narrated by: Daveed Diggs
Length: 4 hours 1 minutes

The Deep

“This book is haunting in the best possible way. I felt so keenly for Yetu, for the Wajinru and their histories, it gave me chills. Daveed Dig's narration was a well-matched piece in an already incredible project. I'm so glad this little novella came to be written so that I might share it.”

Rediscovered Books image Jane, Rediscovered Books
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Tristan Strong Punches A Hole In The Sky

Tristan Strong: Book #1

By Kwame Mbalia
Narrated by: Amir Abdullah
Length: 10 hours 56 minutes

Best-selling author Rick Riordan presents Kwame Mbalia's epic fantasy, a middle grade American Gods set in a richly-imagined world populated with African American folk heroes and West African gods.

Seventh grader Tristan Strong feels anything but strong ever since he failed to save his best friend when they were in a bus accident together. All he... Read more »

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Looking Glass

The Chronicles of Alice: Book #3

By Christina Henry
Narrated by: Jenny Sterlin & Gildart Jackson
Length: 9 hours 6 minutes

In four new novellas, Christina Henry returns to the world of Alice and Red Queen, where magic runs as freely as secrets and blood.

Lovely Creature
In the New City lives a girl with a secret: Elizabeth can do magic. But someone knows her secret--someone who has a secret of his own. That secret is a butterfly that lives in a jar, a butterfly that... Read more »

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Chronicles of Alice: Book #1

By Christina Henry
Narrated by: Jenny Sterlin
Length: 8 hours 28 minutes


“This version of Alice is dark, and haunting, with characters that somewhat familiar. We start of with Alice in a crumbling madhouse, where her only friend is the crazy Hatcher in the neighboring cell. She can't quite remember what happened to her in Wonderland, or the Old City. Only that if left her "dirty" and abandoned by her family. As she tries to help Hatcher solve his own problems, she comes across characters that seem to know her story better than she does. This story is so amazing and was one that I couldn't get enough of.”

Mysterious Galaxy Books image Victoria, Mysterious Galaxy Books
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Red Queen

Chronicles of Alice: Book #2

By Christina Henry
Narrated by: Jenny Sterlin
Length: 8 hours 37 minutes

The author of Alice takes readers back down the rabbit hole to a dark, twisted, and fascinating world based on the works of Lewis Carroll... The land outside of the Old City was supposed to be green, lush, hopeful. A place where Alice could finally rest, no longer the plaything of the Rabbit, the pawn of Cheshire, or the prey of the Jabberwocky.... Read more »

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Little Thieves

By Margaret Owen
Narrated by: Saskia Maarleveld
Length: 13 hours 59 minutes

Little Thieves

“Vanja wants just one thing. She wants enough money to escape the life of servitude her godmothers, Death and Fortune have promised her. She has stolen many things, jewelry, clothes, money, and the identity of her former lady, the Princess Giselle. Cursed by a low god, Vanja only has a fortnight to return what she’s stolen before the jewels growing on her body will take over and kill her...a lifetime of isolation, Vanja knows that she’s the only person she can count on. Perfect for fans of Six of Crows, this Bavarian-inspired fantasy is a delightful adventure with found family, thrilling mysteries, and is full of heart. Maybe Vanja wants more than one thing, after all.”

Wellesley Books image Cassie, Wellesley Books
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The Babysitters Coven

The Babysitters Coven: Book #1

By Kate M. Williams
Narrated by: Phoebe Strole
Length: 9 hours

Adventures in Babysitting meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer in this funny, action-packed novel about a coven of witchy babysitters who realize their calling to protect the innocent and save the world from an onslaught of evil.

Seventeen-year-old Esme Pearl has a babysitters club. She knows it's kinda lame, but what else is she supposed to do? Get a... Read more »

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Last Gate of the Emperor (Unabridged edition)

By Kwame Mbalia & Prince Joel Makonnen
Narrated by: Prince Araya Mengesha
Length: 6 hours 22 minutes

From Kwame Mbalia and Prince Joel David Makonnen comes an Afrofuturist adventure about a mythical Ethiopian empire. Sci-fi and fantasy combine in this epic journey to the stars.

Yared Heywat lives an isolated life in Addis Prime -- a hardscrabble city with rundown tech, lots of rules, and not much to do. His worrywart Uncle Moti and bionic...

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Lost Boy

The True Story of Captain Hook

By Christina Henry
Narrated by: Samuel Roukin
Length: 7 hours 43 minutes

Lost Boy

“Have you ever watched a movie or read a book and wondered how the villain became the villain? Christina Henry did just that. Jamie, the first lost boy Peter brought from the Other Place, is an amazing character you can't help but sympathize with and want on your side, even knowing who he becomes. Jamie starts to see just who Peter Pan really is and isn’t sure that he likes the boy that has been his friend for as long as he can remember. As time passes both Peter and Jamie get closer to the other lost children. But while Jamie sees them as friends and brothers, Peter sees them as a way to make Jamie do what Peter wants him to do. After some time, Jamie is tired of Peter’s games and isn’t sure that he wants to play anymore. But Peter isn’t ready to let him go and has one game left to play. Christina Henry draws you in and makes you want the “bad guy” to win, and the “good guy” to lose. As you listen to this tale remember the one lesson that Jamie learned the hard way, Peter Pan lies!”

Mysterious Galaxy Books image Victoria, Mysterious Galaxy Books
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Last Night at the Telegraph Club

By Malinda Lo
Narrated by: Emily Woo Zeller
Length: 12 hours 25 minutes

Acclaimed author of Ash Malinda Lo returns with her most personal and ambitious novel yet, a gripping story of love and duty set in San Francisco's Chinatown during the 1950s.

"That book. It was about two women, and they fell in love with each other." And then Lily asked the question that had taken root in her, that was even now unfurling its... Read more »

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The Child Thief

By Brom
Narrated by: Kirby Heyborne
Length: 19 hours 36 minutes

The acclaimed artist Brom brilliantly displays his multiple extraordinary talents in The Child Thief—a spellbinding re-imagining of the beloved Peter Pan story that carries readers through the perilous mist separating our world from the realm of Faerie. As Gregory Maguire did with his New York Times bestselling Wicked novels, Brom takes a...

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There Will Come a Darkness

The Age of Darkness: Book #1

By Katy Rose Pool
Narrated by: Todd Boyce
Length: 14 hours 7 minutes

Leigh Bardugo's Six of Crows meets Kristin Cashore's Graceling, with a dash of Winter is Coming, in this showstopping debut YA fantasy!

“A can’t miss debut from an exciting new talent.” –Kiersten White, New York Times bestselling author of Slayer

The Age of Darkness approaches.
Five lives stand in its way.
Who will stop it . . . or unleash it?


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The Girl in Red

By Christina Henry
Narrated by: January LaVoy
Length: 8 hours 21 minutes

The Girl in Red

“When people started getting sick, Red started getting ready. A fan of horror stories and survivalist tales, she thought she knew what it would take to keep herself and her family safe. Unfortunately, her parents and older brother weren’t inclined to take her advice. And so she finds herself in the woods, hatchet in hand and backpack on, slowly making her way to her grandmother’s house all alone. The Girl in Red is Christina Henry’s (Alice, Lost Boy) retelling of a classic folktale, in which Little Red Riding Hood is not as defenseless as she seems. A fascinating reimagining, placing ability at the heart of the tale. While Red is strong of mind, body, and spirit, she continues to put one foot in front of the other, letting nothing and no-one stand in her way, and facing the lengths she would go to in order to protect herself and those more vulnerable than her, in order to make it to her grandmother’s house alive.”

River Dog Book Co. image BrocheAroe, River Dog Book Co.
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Beasts of Prey

By Ayana Gray
Narrated by: Keylor Leigh, Tovah Ott & Ronald Peet
Length: 15 hours 41 minutes

In this blockbuster fantasy series, perfect for fans of Kingdom of the Wicked and Iron Widow, fate binds two Black teenagers together as they journey into a magical jungle to hunt down a vicious monster.

“Rich in magic and mythos, Beasts of Prey is a feast for all the senses.” —Renée Ahdieh, New York Times bestselling author of The Beautiful

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Friday Black

By Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah
Narrated by: Corey Allen & Carra Patterson
Length: 7 hours 8 minutes

Friday Black

“What a breathtaking collection. These stories are so artfully crafted and imaginatively constructed that at first blush they carry the same satisfaction as the best social satire out there and all the respect that goes along with the label; this collection, however, commands that and more. It is wrenching in its acute, precise indictment of white culture and its guardians, all the while offering language that is playfully impish in its originality. Adjei-Brenyah has an innate ability to create worlds that are familiar and distant and that feel like a privilege to be able to glimpse. This is not to be missed.”

Christen Thompson image Christen Thompson, Itinerant Literate Books
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Lost Gods

A Novel

By Brom
Narrated by: R.C. Bray
Length: 14 hours 49 minutes

In Lost Gods, Brom, the artist and author of The Child Thief and Krampus, brings readers into a dark, fantastical, masterful mix of brilliant illustrations and dazzling prose.

A young man descends into Purgatory to save his wife and unborn child in this gorgeous, illustrated tale of wonder and terror from the mind of master storyteller and...

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By Alex Pheby
Narrated by: Kobna Holdbrook-Smith
Length: 18 hours 29 minutes

Alex Pheby's Mordew launches an astonishingly inventive epic fantasy trilogy.

God is dead, his corpse hidden in the catacombs beneath Mordew.

In the slums of the sea-battered city, a young boy called Nathan Treeves lives with his parents, eking out a meagre existence by picking treasures from the Living Mud and the half-formed, short-lived...

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Empire of the Vampire

Empire of the Vampire

By Jay Kristoff
Narrated by: Damian Lynch
Length: 27 hours 9 minutes

If you enjoyed The Name of the Wind, then you’ll love Empire of the Vampire.

“In the vein of The Name of the Wind, a vampire hunter recounts the fantastical events from his life to his executioner. This epic dystopian fantasy is dark and seductive and includes frightening artwork that brings the story even more alive. The violence! The expletives! The smut! What’s not to love?”

Bright Side Bookshop image Leah, Bright Side Bookshop
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The Illuminae Files: Book #1

By Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff
Narrated by: Olivia Taylor Dudley, Lincoln Hoppe, Johnathan McClain, Kimberly Farr, Donnabella Mortel, Matthew Frow, Ryan Gesell, Sile Bermingham, Beata Pozniak, Jolene Kim, Emma Bering & Full Cast
Length: 11 hours 39 minutes

For fans of Marie Lu comes the first book in an epic series that bends the sci-fi genre into a new dimension.
 “A truly beautiful novel that redefines the form."Victoria Aveyard, bestselling author of Red Queen

This morning, Kady thought breaking up with Ezra was the hardest thing she’d have to do. This afternoon, her planet was invaded.
... Read more »

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