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Audiobooks for organizations

Give back to your local bookstore with your bulk audiobook purchases.

Libro.fm offers a range of solutions for companies and organizations looking to deliver audiobooks related to business, personal growth, diversity training, personal enjoyment, and more. The best part? You get to choose a local bookstore to support with every purchase.

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Program offerings

  • Bulk discounts
  • Custom solutions to fit organizational needs
  • Digital fulfillment for fast, global delivery
  • 150,000+ audiobooks, including bestsellers and bookseller-recommended favorites
  • Free iOS and Android App for easy listening
  • No technology requirements, set-up, or maintenance required

For more information or to get a quote, reach us at sales@libro.fm.

“Partnering with Libro.fm has been a seamless customer experience. At HubSpot, we’re passionate about helping our employees learn and grow, and Libro.fm has empowered us to give back to independent and Black-owned bookstores as part of that commitment. They’ve gone above and beyond to answer any questions to ensure our needs are met.”

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Who we work with:

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About Libro.fm

Read more about what makes Libro.fm unique from other audiobook providers, find helpful FAQs, and browse our inventory of bestsellers and bookseller picks.

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Share a video about what your bookstore means to you and receive a FREE audiobook.

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