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New release
Quietly Hostile by Samantha Irby
Quietly Hostile
Samantha Irby
Bookseller pick
Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner
Crying in H Mart
Michelle Zauner
Bookseller pick
The Anthropocene Reviewed by John Green
The Anthropocene Reviewed
John Green
Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer
Braiding Sweetgrass
Robin Wall Kimmerer
New release
Raw Dog by Jamie Loftus
Raw Dog
Jamie Loftus
Bookseller pick
Happy-Go-Lucky by David Sedaris
David Sedaris
Bookseller pick
How Far the Light Reaches by Sabrina Imbler
How Far the Light Reaches
Sabrina Imbler
Bookseller pick
Wow, No Thank You. by Samantha Irby
Wow, No Thank You.
Samantha Irby
Bookseller pick
A Thousand Ways to Pay Attention by Rebecca Schiller
A Thousand Ways to Pay Attention
Rebecca Schiller
Hijab Butch Blues by Lamya H
Hijab Butch Blues
Lamya H
Bookseller pick
Ten Steps to Nanette by Hannah Gadsby
Ten Steps to Nanette
Hannah Gadsby
Bookseller pick
Calypso by David Sedaris
David Sedaris
Bookseller pick
Yearbook by Seth Rogen
Seth Rogen
Bookseller pick
We Are Never Meeting in Real Life by Samantha Irby
We Are Never Meeting in Real Life
Samantha Irby
Bookseller pick
The Best of Me by David Sedaris
The Best of Me
David Sedaris
Bookseller pick
These Precious Days by Ann Patchett
These Precious Days
Ann Patchett
Bookseller pick
The Witches Are Coming by Lindy West
The Witches Are Coming
Lindy West
Inciting Joy by Ross Gay
Inciting Joy
Ross Gay
On sale
Managing Expectations by Minnie Driver
Managing Expectations
Minnie Driver
Bookseller pick
The Book of Delights by Ross Gay
The Book of Delights
Ross Gay
Here for It by R. Eric Thomas
Here for It
R. Eric Thomas
Bookseller pick
Broken (in the best possible way) by Jenny Lawson
Broken (in the best possible way)
Jenny Lawson
Bookseller pick
Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain
Kitchen Confidential
Anthony Bourdain
Bookseller pick
Shit, Actually by Lindy West
Shit, Actually
Lindy West