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BIPOC Authors

Listen to audiobooks by authors who are Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color.

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I Hope You Fail by Pinky Cole
I Hope You Fail
Pinky Cole
Black Grief/White Grievance by Juliet Hooker
Black Grief/White Grievance
Juliet Hooker
The Darkened Light of Faith by Melvin L. Rogers
The Darkened Light of Faith
Melvin L. Rogers
Forever Home by Anh Lin
Forever Home
Anh Lin
The Bodies Keep Coming by Dr. Brian H. Williams
The Bodies Keep Coming
Dr. Brian H. Williams
The Garden Within by Dr. Anita Phillips
The Garden Within
Dr. Anita Phillips
All Hope is Found by Sarah Jakes Roberts
All Hope is Found
Sarah Jakes Roberts
Everything is Everything by Clive Myrie
Everything is Everything
Clive Myrie
To Build a Black Future by Christopher Paul Harris
To Build a Black Future
Christopher Paul Harris
Knowing the Spirit by Costi W. Hinn
Knowing the Spirit
Costi W. Hinn
The Adversity of Diversity by Carol M. Swain & Mike Towle
The Adversity of Diversity
Carol M. Swain & Mike Towle
It Stops Here by Rueben George & Michael Simpson
It Stops Here
Rueben George & Michael Simpson
Grit Don't Quit by Bianca Juarez Olthoff
Grit Don't Quit
Bianca Juarez Olthoff
Peace by Chocolate by Jon Tattrie
Peace by Chocolate
Jon Tattrie
Love Is the Point by Carlos PenaVega & Alexa PenaVega
Love Is the Point
Carlos PenaVega & Alexa PenaVega
Limp Forward by Libo Meyers
Limp Forward
Libo Meyers
On sale
Stay Sane in an Insane World by Greg Harden
Stay Sane in an Insane World
Greg Harden
On sale
Adversity for Sale by Jeezy
Adversity for Sale
You Are More Than You've Been Told by Hosanna Wong
You Are More Than You've Been Told
Hosanna Wong
Kinauvit? by Norma Dunning
Norma Dunning
Policing the Womb by Michele Goodwin
Policing the Womb
Michele Goodwin
Beyond the Story by BTS & Myeongseok Kang
Beyond the Story
BTS & Myeongseok Kang
black girl, no magic by Kimberly McIntosh
black girl, no magic
Kimberly McIntosh
Decolonizing the Body by Kelsey Blackwell
Decolonizing the Body
Kelsey Blackwell

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