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Bel and Bunna's Books

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Bel and Bunna's Books

Lafayette, CA


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Bel and Bunna’s Books is a real life, brick and mortar, independent children and young adult’s bookshop, located in Lafayette, California.

Whilst Bel and Bunna's is mainly a children's bookstore, owner Bel McNeill is committed to providing a positive literary experience for people of all ages. Offering a wide range of books and literary products, we strive to create a literary wonderland for children where they can embrace the written word and feed their imaginations. The bookshop has been designed to be a safe retreat from the electronic age, where children are invited to sit on the floor and lose themselves in the latest story from their favorite author.

Bel also works as a devoted and tireless community partner supporting the local library weekly with a children's story time, by hosting book clubs for kids and adults alike and always donating money, time and/or books to local education efforts.

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Bel and Bunna's Books

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