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Captain Midnight, Collection 1

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Captain Midnight, Collection 1

Captain Midnight Collection: Book #1


The adventures of Captain Midnight came to radio in 1938, originally sponsored by The Skelly Oil Company and later by Ovaltine. Our hero was Captain Jim “Red” Albright, a World War One U.S. Army pilot. His “Captain Midnight” code name was given to him by a general who sent him on a high-risk mission from which he returned precisely at the stroke of Midnight. Albright was recruited by our Government to head the Secret Squadron, an aviation-oriented paramilitary organization fighting sabotage and espionage during the period prior to the United States entering into World War Two. Captain Midnight and his Secret Squadron battled enemies including Ivan Shark, Baron von Karp, Admiral Himakito and von Schrecker. The wartime activities were usually outside the continental United States, with adventures in Europe, South America, the Pacific and Asia. Heard in 15-minute installments, Captain Midnight had an audience into the millions. Radio premiums offered by the series included decoders, used by listeners to decipher encrypted messages previewing the next day’s episode. Now, enjoy 24 consecutive episodes from this high-flying radio adventure series!

12/20/39 #213 "Footprints”
12/21/39 #214 “The Doorway”
12/22/39 #215 “The Room”
12/25/39 #216 “The Trap”
12/26/39 #217 “Water Torture”
12/27/39 #218 “Is Escape Possible?”
12/28/39 #219 “Ivan Shark”
12/29/39 #220 “Battle of the Hacienda”
1/1/40 #221 “Questioning Zollinger”
1/3/40 #222 “What’s in the River?”
1/5/40 #223 “The Perada Treasure”
1/8/40 #224 “Ivan Shark Escapes”
1/10/40 #225 “The Fiesta”
1/12/40 #226 “Voice on the Radio”
1/15/40 #227 “The Voice Again”
1/17/40 #228 “The Wreckage”
1/19/40 #229 “Sick and Injured”
1/22/40 #230 “Help for Connely”
1/24/40 #231 Smoke on the Ridge
1/26/40 #232 “Dynamite”
1/29/40 #233 “The Tree”
1/31/40 #234 “Flight to Ridgeville”
2/2/40 #235 “Separation”
2/5/40 #236 “What’s Happened to Chuck?”

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Captain Midnight Collection Series

Captain Midnight, Collection 1
Captain Midnight, Collection 1
Black Eye Entertainment

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Get a free audiobook on Independent Bookstore Day! Learn more