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The Invisible Man

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The Invisible Man

Bookseller Recommendation

The Invisible Man

“I think that I read this book as a kid but I could not remember and figured that it would be worth a reread, and boy was I right. I have always considered Wells to be a top notch storyteller but had forgotten just how beautiful his prose can be. Although he is often criticized for largely skirting over the science in his science fiction I found his inclusion of science in this story satisfactory, especially considering the year that this book was published. Despite the issues with science, Wells is also adept at characterization and story, much more so than Verne who tends to wallow in technical details. What I found most thrilling in this story is the way in which the Invisible Man finds that his discovery leads to more problems than good and ultimately interferes with his sanity. This essence of the tale makes it feel accurate and I attribute this masterful device to the longevity of this book and others by Wells. If you are interested in proto-science fiction, or more accurately scientific romance, then I highly recommend this book and Wells’ other classics of the genre.”

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" I had not expected the suffering. A night of racking anguish, sickness and fainting. I became insensible and woke languid in the darkness. I shall never forget that dawn, and the strange horror of seeing that my hands had become as clouded glass, and watching them grow clearer and thinner as the day went by. My limbs became glassy, the bones and arteries faded, vanished, and the little white nerves went last. At last only the dead tips of the fingernails remained, pallid and white. I went and stared at nothing in my shaving glass. I had become an invisible man." Vicki Morgan' s entertaining narration of this science fiction classic is a great introduction to the fantastic world of H.G. Wells and the brilliant imagination, the psychological insight, and startlingly accurate scientific predictions that made him one of the most influential writers of his day.

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