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Tracy Cutchlow is a journalist and the editor of the bestselling books Brain Rules and Brain Rules for Baby. Her writing on parenting has appeared in publications from the Huffington Post to the Washington Post. She lives in Seattle with her husband and daughter. Find bonus parenting tips at


This is a perfect gift for a new parent, as it synthesizes the best information simply and provides encouragement.

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Regularly referring to research that supports her suggestions, Cutchlow covers topics that range from preparation for the baby’s arrival through discipline and includes contemporary concerns, such as screen time and meditation. Current understandings of brain development and executive function are recurring themes. In her conclusion, Cutchlow advances the reassuring idea that, even when parents make mistakes, “one bad day isn’t going to define your child—or you—forever.

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  • Mini manifesto: Let’s spend more time on the floor with our kids. Let’s trade strollers for the newborn carriers, and car trips for walks. Let’s spend more time looking into each other’s eyes and less time staring into our screens.
  • Give positive feedback. Use more ‘Good’ and ‘Right’ than ‘Don’t,’ ‘Stop,’ and ‘Bad.’
  • Praise effort, strategies, or actions -- not talent.

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