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Did That Just Happen?!

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Did That Just Happen?!

Beyond “Diversity”—Creating Sustainable and Inclusive Organizations

An accessible guide showing all people how to create and sustain diversity and inclusivity in the workplace—no matter your identity, industry, or level of experience

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Did That Just Happen?!

“I came across this book during an online conference recently and I loved the discussion with these two authors, so I had to read their book immediately. This is full of great guidelines on how *not* to treat people in any type of work environment can be used as a manual to keep up with the ongoing work of inclusivity. It gives lessons in easy-to-digest examples, words and phrases to avoid, and how to listen actively. I highly recommend this to anyone in any kind of leadership role, or anyone who just wants to keep doing the work to be a better person. ”

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Offering real-life accounts that illustrate common workplace occurrences around inclusivity and answers to questions like “How do I identify and handle diversity landmines at work?” and “What can I do when I’ve made a mistake?” this handbook breaks down ways that organizations (and all people) can improve their cultural awareness and become more equitable in their work and personal relationships.

We know that diverse teams are stronger, smarter, and more profitable, and many companies are attempting to hire more diverse teams, but most struggle to create a real culture of inclusivity in which people from all backgrounds feel comfortable. As clinical psychologists, as well as individuals with marginalized identities, Dr. Stephanie Pinder-Amaker and Dr. Lauren Wadsworth show the emotional and physical impact of marginalization and how that leads to a decrease in employee engagement and, often, increased job turnover.

Did That Just Happen?! will be invaluable for employees who come from underrepresented communities and identities (identities discussed include race, age, disability, sexual orientation, citizenship status, and gender expression). But the book is essential for leaders of companies, supervisors, HR departments, and for anyone who wants to understand and support diversity/equity/inclusion practices. The book will also make readers feel more confident in their navigating of friendships/interactions with people who hold different identities.

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About the author

Drs. Lauren Wadsworth and Stephanie Pinder-Amaker are Licensed Clinical Psychologists that specialize in training organizations to not simply focus on "increasing diversity" but rather to focus on creating and cultivating a workplace culture that is sustainable for employees with rising/minoritized identities. They are passionate about shifting a company's Diversity Equity and Inclusion goals from a "checkbox" approach to a lifestyle. In their trainings, they pride themselves on removing the jargon and getting to the heart of the issue, with clear, evidence-based, strategies and tools.

Dr. Pinder-Amaker is the Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer at McLean Hospital where she leads the Antiracist Justice and Health Equity initiative. She is also a Harvard Medical School professor. She is the Founding Director of McLean Hospital's College Mental Health Program, and served as Associate Dean of Students at the University of Michigan.

Dr. Wadsworth is the Founding Director of Genesee Valley Psychology, a training clinic specializing in OCD, Racial Trauma, and DBT in Rochester, New York. She holds academic appointments at McLean Hospital/Havard Medical School and the University of Rochester Medical Center. At McLean Hospital, she serves as a Senior Advisor to the Antiracist Justice and Health Equity initiative.


“It’s happening. Increasingly, employees, business leaders, and managers want to bring their ‘whole self’ to work, and more organizations are starting the tough conversations necessary to give everyone the opportunity for success. But it takes know-how to forge a smart path forward, and there are consequences for getting this wrong. Did That Just Happen?! is the step-by-step guide for leaders committed to getting diversity and inclusion right.”

Deborah “Deb” Elam, CEO, Corporate Playbook, and diversity, inclusion, and leadership thought leader

“Successful leaders understand that culture really is everything. On winning teams, nobody stands on the sidelines; every team member is valued, empowered, and contributes toward shared goals. But you don’t leave this to chance. Did That Just Happen?! is a game plan for leaders looking to create a culture built for the long term and built for success.”

Mike Krzyzewski, head basketball coach, Duke University

“An essential road map for moving from diversity as a hollow corporate initiative to building vital, resilient organizations that are inclusive at their core. Filled with real-world anecdotes that resonate and with skills and practices that leaders can deploy immediately; this book belongs in the library of everyone who is dedicated to building great teams.”

Rich Paret, entrepreneur and tech executive, formerly senior engineering director, Google, and VP of engineering, Twitter

“Finally! In this era of corporate pledges of commitment to diversity, a detailed and accessible ‘blueprint’ for establishing and sustaining diversity in the workplace. The authors not only present a compelling case for diversity as a vital component of a superior business model, but with clarity and through using case study presentations, they demonstrate how and why organizations—even with the best intentions—so often miss their diversity goals. This is imperative reading for all workplace personnel irrespective of position, executives and staff alike.”

Harry Edwards, PhD, professor emeritus of sociology, University of California, Berkeley

“The term ‘diversity’ has become the ‘it’ word. Unfortunately, it’s kind of like the word ‘spirituality.’ Many love to profess, but fewer are willing to commit to a sincere practice. Did That Just Happen?! helps us move beyond lip service with the practical skills and insights to foster cultures of inclusive excellence. So if you’re ready to move your business, faith community, or school beyond milquetoast homogeneity and mediocre productivity, buy this book!”

Dr. Jonathan Lee Walton, dean of the School of Divinity and Wait Chapel, Wake Forest University

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