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  • General

    What is Libro.fm all about?
    Libro.fm is your online independent store for audiobooks. We love audiobooks and want to make it easy for you to find great listens, including bestsellers. We also love our independence and are proud to sell audiobooks through your favorite indie bookstores. Learn more about us.
    Why choose Libro.fm?
    We recognize that audiobooks lovers have a choice where they purchase audiobooks. We’ve compiled a list of reasons why Libro.fm should be at the top of any list.
    Can I return my audiobook?
    Contact us at support@libro.fm and we’ll help you with any issue. Since all our audiobooks are DRM-free, we cannot accept returns or grant refunds. That said, we want you to be happy with your Libro.fm experience so please contact us and we’ll make things right.
    Where is Libro.fm available?
    While Libro.fm a la carte audiobooks are available in most countries around the world, the membership offering is only valid for customers in the U.S. and Canada. Since publishers often restrict where certain audiobooks can be sold, you’ll be notified after you enter your credit card information if the audiobook is not available for purchase in your country (and of course, you won’t be charged should that be the case). Any issues getting an audiobook where you live? Shoot us an email at support@libro.fm.
    Why don’t you have this author or that audiobook?
    While Libro.fm has more than 70,000 audiobooks and more than 90% of all the New York Times bestsellers, there are a few titles that are unavailable because of exclusive licenses granted by audiobook publishers and authors to Amazon’s Audible. We are fiercely independent and oppose Amazon’s efforts to keep the indies and others out of the audiobook business. We are actively working with publishers to make these titles available on Libro.fm and through independent bookstores. Email us at support@libro.fm to let us know if a title you want is missing.
    What is the difference between abridged and unabridged audiobooks?
    An abridged audiobook is a more condensed or trimmed down version of a audiobook, while an unabridged is the full, original version. Sometimes audiobook publishers create abridged versions in order to make the audiobook more pleasant to listen to or to make them several hours shorter, which some people prefer. You’ll notice that we always specify whether each audiobook is abridged or unabridged along with how many hours long it is. Many times we have both versions to offer.
    How do I select my favorite indie bookstore?
    Libro.fm lets you listen to digital audiobooks while still shopping local. It's easy: buy your audiobooks from your favorite independent bookstore listed here.
    I love Libro.fm and want to help spread word. What can I do?
    Thank you! We love you too! Here’s what you can do to join our audiobooks for indies movement:

    1. Send us feedback on your experience with Libro.fm at support@libro.fm
    2. Follow us on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
    3. Tell a friend about Libro.fm
    4. Share the list of our partner bookstores
    5. Visit your neighborhood indie bookstore and buy a print book. Tell them your friends at Libro.fm sent you.
  • Membership

    How does the Libro.fm membership work?
    Visit the membership page to view all the details.
    How do I use my membership credits and get my first audiobook for $0.99?
    When you're checking out on the cart page, select "Use 1 Credit" next to the audiobook and it will apply the credit to that title. With your membership, you'll receive another credit every month.
    My credit card expired. How do I add a new credit card to pay for membership?
    1. Go to your account
    2. Under membership details, select the button to put your membership on hold
    3. Next, select update account info on the membership page and restart your membership
    4. Update your credit card info
  • Listening

    How do I listen to my audiobooks?
    Listening to your audiobooks is as simple as listening to music. Download the free Libro.fm app in the App Store or Google Play Store and log in with the email and password you created on the Libro.fm site. You'll continue to purchase audiobooks from the Libro.fm site. Don't want to use the app? Just follow our simple download guide.
    Do I own the audiobook? And can I listen to it on multiple computers and/or devices?
    Yes, you own the audiobook. Libro.fm is one of the few places where every audiobook is DRM-free (DRM stands for Digital Rights Management), which we like to call cage-free. This means that you own the file; we can’t change or delete the file once you’ve downloaded it, which is not the case for many digital booksellers. A DRM-free model fits our independent nature and it means you can listen to the audiobook anytime, anywhere, on any device. Declare your independence, #chooseindie.
    How do I download a zip folder and listen on my computer?
    While we recommend using the Libro.fm iOS or Android app, it's easy to listen to audiobooks on your computer. You can download the zipped folder(s) containing the DRM-free MP3 files directly to your computer and import these files into your media player of choice. Just follow the steps below:
    1. Download the audiobook zip files to your computer.
    2. Unzip the files to get a folder of audio files.
      On a Mac: The zip files should automatically open and show you a folder with the audio files. If not, just double-click the zip files.
      On Windows: Right-click and select Extract All to get a folder with the audio files.
    3. Drag and drop the audio files into iTunes or the player of your choice.
  • App

    Is there an app for that?
    Yes! Listening through the Libro.fm app is the best audiobook experience. Download the free Libro.fm app in the App Store or Google Play Store and login with your email and password. If you have any trouble with the app, send a note to support@libro.fm and let us know if you are using the iOS or Android app.
    How do I use the app?
    If you have questions on how to use the Libro.fm app, watch our helpful video series covering the various features.
    How do I log in to the app?
    You log into the app with the same username and password created on the Libro.fm site. If it's not working, we recommend resetting your password to something you can remember.
    How do I reset my password?
    If you can remember your password, we recommend resetting it to something you can remember. You log into the app with the same username and password created on the Libro.fm site.
  • Audiobook Gifts

    What is giftable through Libro.fm?
    You can gift any audiobook from our catalog of more than 75,000. All you need is the email address of the recipient. The ability to gift certain dollar amounts or memberships will be available at a later date.
    How does the person receive the audiobook gift?
    Two options are available to gift the audiobook(s):
    1. You can directly and immediately email the gift and include your own personal note.
    2. You can print a digital gift certificate and deliver it to the gift recipient.
    Can I buy a gift now but give it later?
    Yes, you can purchase a gift at anytime and include the printable certificate in a card/gift/email at a later date.
    What if the recipient already has the audiobook?
    They will be able to return the audiobook for the amount purchased, which will be credited back to their Libro.fm account to use on another audiobook purchase.
    Do members get gifting benefits?
    Yes, Libro.fm members get 30% off all audiobooks, including gifts. Learn more about membership.
    Can I gift a dollar amount?
    Not at this time.
    Does my store get credit when I purchase a gift?
    Yes, your local bookstore will benefit from each gift you purchase. Thanks for supporting bookstores!
    Does the recipient need to have a Libro.fm account?
    No, you can gift to anyone. If the recipient of the gift doesn’t have a Libro.fm account, they will receive instructions via email to get started.
    Does the gift giver need to have a Libro.fm account?
    Yes, you will need to create a free Libro.fm account in order to give a gift.
    How can I share which audiobooks I’d like as gifts?
    Create a Wish List and share it with your friends/family on social media. Get the sharing link at the bottom of the Wish List page.
    Can I gift through the app?
    Not at this time. All gifts must be purchased on Libro.fm.
    Do audiobooks gifts ever expire?
    No, audiobook gifts do not expire.
Looking to give the perfect audiobook? Check out our Holiday Gift Center

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