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All the Ways We Said Goodbye

“Aurelie, Daisy and Babs, all resided at the Paris Ritz hotel in different periods in the twentieth century: WWI, WWII and the 1960s. Like lives of most women throughout history, theirs have been wrought with challenges and suffering. As each explores her own courage, tenacity and heart, the historic details and culture in each era is brought to life. Discovering the threads that weave the three together adds an element of mystery while three different narrators smooth the shift between eras, adding depth to each narrative. Unlike some novels that are so packed with complex details and literary terminology that, although they may be exhilarating, can be exhausting, this novel is just right. You are challenged to retrace some of the text to connect the dots in the plot but the writing does not get in the way of a very satisfying story.”

Rediscovered Books image Becky, Rediscovered Books

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Share a video about what your bookstore means to you and receive a FREE audiobook.

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