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In the Dark

“I am not often surprised by the ending of a good police procedural because the evidence as it accumulates usually points to the murderer. And when I am surprised I often feel like I was manipulated to believe it was someone else. Well, I was totally surprised by the ending of In The Dark but I didn’t feel manipulated in the least. DI Adam Fawley and his team collected evidence and put it together like pieces of a puzzle until they had a picture of the crime and then they found an odd piece, and all bets were off. You are left asking yourself why the pieces don’t fit. Then then do great police work and find more pieces but now you are not even sure what the picture should look like. I loved learning more about Adam Fawley and his back story and loved the look at how difficult it must be to be the head of a squad with lots of egos and infighting over who gets credit for what find. This one truly had me guessing until they put all of the pieces in order. Even the epilogue had a nice surprise! I loved the change in voices for the interruptions of the local news programs and the emails and texts that were interspersed. It was most effective at giving an overall picture of what the police and public were thinking at different points in the story.”

Fiction Addiction image Nancy, Fiction Addiction

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Share a video about what your bookstore means to you and receive a FREE audiobook.

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