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By K.M. Szpara
Narrated by Mark Sanderlin & Vikas Adam /  16 hours 31 minutes


“People will often refer to a book as one that’s ‘unlike anything they’ve ever read before,’ but for maybe the first time in my reading life, I can honestly say that about K.M. Szpara’s Docile. This erotic speculative science fiction novel takes place in a frighteningly plausible future where people become ‘dociles’ — essentially indentured slaves working off debt — and explores themes of consent, capitalism, and the abuse cycle. A visceral reading experience that will challenge, confront, titillate, and disgust, Docile feels like a book we will be talking about for decades.”

Bookmarks image Caleb Masters, Bookmarks

$37.94 USD

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These Audiobooks Give 100% of Proceeds to Foggy Pine Books Browse Now
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