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Women in Translation

Celebrate Women in Translation Month in 2020 with this great selection of international books.

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The Birdwoman's Palate

By Laksmi Pamuntjak & Tiffany Tsao
Narrated by: Elizabeth Knowelden
Length: 11 hours 55 minutes

In this exhilarating culinary novel, a woman’s road trip through Indonesia becomes a discovery of friendship, self, and other rare delicacies.

Aruna is an epidemiologist dedicated to food and avian politics. One is heaven, the other earth. The two passions blend in unexpected ways when Aruna is asked to research a handful of isolated bird flu... Read more »

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The House of the Spirits

A Novel

By Isabel Allende
Narrated by: Thom Rivera & Marisol Ramirez
Length: 18 hours 51 minutes

“Spectacular...An absorbing and distinguished work...The House of the Spirits with its all-informing, generous, and humane sensibility, is a unique achievement, both personal witness and possible allegory of the past, present, and future of Latin America.” —The New York Times Book Review

Our Shared Shelf, Emma Watson Goodreads Book Club Pick... Read more »

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The Vegetarian

A Novel

By Han Kang
Narrated by: Janet Song & Stephen Park
Length: 5 hours 13 minutes

Winner of the 2016 Man Booker International Prize

NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY The New York Times Book Review • Publisher's Weekly •  Buzzfeed •  Entertainment Weekly •  Time •  Wall Street Journal •  Bustle •  Elle •  The Economist •  Slate •  The Huffington Post • The St. Louis Dispatch •  Electric Literature

Featured in the New...
Read more »

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By Olga Tokarczuk & Jennifer Croft
Narrated by: Julia Whelan
Length: 12 hours 31 minutes



A visionary work of fiction by "A writer on the level of W. G. Sebald" (Annie Proulx)

"A magnificent writer." — Svetlana Alexievich, Nobel Prize-winning author of Secondhand Time

"A beautifully fragmented...
Read more »

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Like Water for Chocolate - Abridged

By Laura Esquivel
Narrated by: Yareli Arizmendi
Length: 4 hours 26 minutes

Earthy, magical, and utterly charming, this tale of family life in turn-of-the-century Mexico became a best-selling phenomenon with its winning blend of poignant romance and bittersweet wit. The classic love story takes place on the De la Garza ranch, as the tyrannical owner, Mama Elena, chops onions at the kitchen table in her final days of... Read more »

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In Paris With You

By Clementine Beauvais
Narrated by: Ellie Heydon
Length: 4 hours 57 minutes

Because their story didn't end at the right time, in the right place,
because they let their feelings go to waste,
it was written, I think, that Eugene and Tatiana
would find each other
ten years later,
one morning in winter,
under terra firma
on the Meteor, Line 14 (magenta) of the

Eugene and Tatiana could have fallen in love. If things had... Read more »

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My Brilliant Friend

The Neapolitan Novels: Book #1

By Elena Ferrante & Ann Goldstein
Narrated by: Hillary Huber
Length: 12 hours 37 minutes

Now an HBO series: the first volume in the New York Times bestselling “enduring masterpiece” (The Atlantic) about a lifelong friendship between two women from Naples.

Beginning in the 1950s in a poor but vibrant neighborhood on the outskirts of Naples, Elena Ferrante’s four-volume story spans almost sixty years, as its main characters, the fiery... Read more »

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The Elegance of the Hedgehog

By Muriel Barbery
Narrated by: Cassandra Morris & Barbara Rosenblat
Length: 9 hours 34 minutes

An enchanting New York Times and international bestseller and award-winner about life, art, literature, philosophy, culture, class, privilege, and power, seen through the eyes of a 54-year old French concierge and a precocious but troubled 12-year-old girl.

Renée Michel is the 54-year-old concierge of a luxury Paris apartment building. Her... Read more »

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Convenience Store Woman

By Sayaka Murata & Ginny Tapley Takemori
Narrated by: Nancy Wu
Length: 3 hours 21 minutes

Convenience Store Woman

“Keiko loves rules. Having worked a part-time job in a Japanese convenience store for 18 years, she loves having a corporate script to recite, sales goals to reach, and a list of tasks to complete. What she doesn't love - or even understand - are the more complicated rules of society at large. She doesn't want a husband, or children, or a real job. What she does want is a satisfactory answer to the endless personal questions that will allow her to be left alone. Convenience Store Woman is a quirky and hilarious look at society and its misfits, and what happens when we try to bend ourselves to the needs of others.”

The Book Table image Rachel, The Book Table
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Fever Dream

A Novel

By Samanta Schweblin & Megan McDowell
Narrated by: Hillary Huber
Length: 3 hours 13 minutes

Fever Dream

“Haunting, foreboding, eerie, and ominous, Schweblin's Fever Dream is the first of the Argentine author's books to appear in English. Despite its brevity, Fever Dream throbs with a quickened pulse, as heightening tension is its most effective quality. An intriguing yet purposefully vague plot adds to the story's mystique, one of peril, poison, and the unexplained terror of worms. Metaphorical in scope, Schweblin's impressively constructed tale leaves much to the imagination but is all the richer for doing so. Unsettling and compelling, this is a delirious, potent novel not to be overlooked.”

Powell's Books image Jeremy Garber, Powell's Books
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In the Distance With You

By Carla Guelfenbein & John Cullen
Narrated by: Nicol Zanzarella & Robert Fass
Length: 11 hours 24 minutes

This Chilean literary thriller tells the story of three lives intertwined with that of an enigmatic author, whose character is inspired by the groundbreaking Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector. Vera Sigall, now eighty years old, has lived a mysterious, ascetic life far from the limelight of literary circles. This powerful character has a... Read more »

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By Kim Thuy
Narrated by: Kim Thuy
Length: 2 hours 50 minutes

Ru est composé de très courts récits liés un peu comme dans une ritournelle : la première phrase du chapitre reprend le plus souvent l’idée qui terminait le chapitre précédent, permettant ainsi de faire le pont entre tous les événements que la narratrice a connus : sa naissance au Vietnam pendant la guerre, la fuite avec les boat people, son... Read more »

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Aetherial Worlds


By Tatyana Tolstaya
Narrated by: Anya Migdal
Length: 7 hours 32 minutes

“Playful and poetic . . . A foxy, original writer. Memory fuses with wonder, and wonder with worship." The Wall Street Journal

“Marvelously vivid, perfectly tuned. . . Tolstaya is well known in Russia as a brilliant and caustic political critic, but her memories of her Soviet childhood have a tender, personal quality.”  The New York Times Book...
Read more »

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Vernon Subutex 1

A Novel
Vernon Subutex: Book #1

By Virginie Despentes & Frank Wynne
Narrated by: Christopher Harper
Length: 10 hours 38 minutes

Arock and roll Zola”: short-listed for the International Man Booker Prize, a European bestseller, and the basis of a big-budget TV series

From the provocative writer and filmmaker Virginie Despentes comes volume one of her acclaimed trilogy of novels, Vernon Subutex—short-listed for the Man Booker International Prize. But who is Vernon... Read more »

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The Housekeeper and the Professor

By Yoko Ogawa
Narrated by: Cassandra Campbell
Length: 5 hours 55 minutes

He is a brilliant math Professor with a peculiar problem—ever since a traumatic head injury, he has lived with only eighty minutes of short-term memory. She is an astute young Housekeeper—with a ten-year-old son—who is hired to care for the Professor.

And every morning, as the Professor and the Housekeeper are introduced to each other anew, a... Read more »

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The Story of My Teeth

By Valeria Luiselli & Christina MacSweeney
Narrated by: Armando Durán & Thom Rivera
Length: 4 hours 7 minutes

The story of “Highway” Sánchez—bon vivant, world traveler, auctioneer—and his teeth is like Johnny Cash meets Robert Walser in Mexico.

“I was born in Pachuca, the Beautiful Windy City, with four premature teeth and my body completely covered in a very fine coat of fuzz. But I’m grateful for that inauspicious start because ugliness, as my other... Read more »

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The Queue

By Basma Abdel Aziz & Elisabeth Jaquette
Narrated by: Mark Bramhall
Length: 6 hours 9 minutes

"The Queue ... has drawn comparisons to Western classics like George Orwell’s 1984 and The Trial by Franz Kafka. It represents a new wave of dystopian and surrealist fiction from Middle Eastern writers who are grappling with the chaotic aftermath and stinging disappointments of the Arab Spring." -- The New York Times

Winner of the English PEN...
Read more »

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Memoirs of a Polar Bear

By Yoko Tawada & Susan Bernofsky
Narrated by: Paul Woodson & Christa Lewis
Length: 8 hours 52 minutes

Memoirs of a Polar Bear has in spades what Rivka Galchen hailed in the New Yorker as "Yoko Tawada's magnificent strangeness"—Tawada is an author like no other. Three generations (grandmother, mother, son) of polar bears are famous as both circus performers and writers in East Germany: they are polar bears who move in human society, stars of the... Read more »

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Things We Lost in the Fire


By Mariana Enriquez
Narrated by: Tanya Eby
Length: 5 hours 46 minutes

An arresting collection of short stories, reminiscent of Shirley Jackson and Julio Cortazar, by an exciting new international talent. Read more »

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A Girl's Story

By Annie Ernaux
Narrated by: Tavia Gilbert
Length: 4 hours 6 minutes

In A Girl's Story, Annie Ernaux revisits a night fifty years earlier when she found herself submerged and controlled by another person’s desire and willpower. It was the summer of 1958, the year she turned eighteen, and the man she had given herself to had moved on. She’d submitted her will to his and then found that she was a slave without a... Read more »

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