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Winter Gazette - 2019

In spring, summer, and autumn, we publish Booknotes, our seasonal book reviews of notable new releases. But as the light and temperatures drop, we publish our Winter Gazette, which includes recent releases that make great gifts. Take a look on our shelves to find something unexpected!

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Nothing to See Here

By Kevin Wilson
Narrated by: Marin Ireland
Length: 6 hours 40 minutes

If you enjoyed Mostly Dead Things, then you’ll love Nothing to See Here.

“When Lillian and Madison first meet at a fancy boarding school, one is the wealthy heir of a department store fortune, the other a white trash scholarship kid. After an incident at the school breaks them apart, they don't see each other for many years until the magnetic Madison, now the wife and strategist for a powerful Tennessee politician, unexpectedly asks Lillian for a favor and offers her a job: become a nanny for her ten-year-old twin stepchildren. Stepchildren who have the politically inconvenient habit of literally bursting into flames. Lillian immediately finds herself caught again under Madison's spell, but as she begins to grow closer to the children, she increasingly finds that she's the only one on the childrens' side. And she also finds something she's always craved: a sense of family and belonging. Nothing to See Here is a hilarious and poignant comedy of manners and spontaneous combustion, and you'll find yourself rooting for Lillian and the kids like they're your favorite team playing in the World Series. This book falls in that perfect little sweet spot: well-written, moving, funny, and most difficult of all: not depressing.”

The Book Table image Rachel, The Book Table
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All This Could Be Yours

A Novel

By Jami Attenberg
Narrated by: Thérèse Plummer
Length: 7 hours 44 minutes

All This Could Be Yours

“I am in love with Jami Attenberg’s writing, and was gripped by All This Could Be Yours from the opening pages. Everything about the Tuchmans felt so true to me: Alex’s confusion and anger toward the family’s toxic, now-comatose patriarch, Victor; Barbra’s isolation in her later years after a long marriage to a brute; Twyla and Gary’s unwinding secret selves—all of it is so perfectly told and paced. Full of Attenberg’s trademark dry wit and precise, uncomfortable insight into the psychology of family love (and its close cousin, family hate), this novel had me laughing with genuine joy and crying in real sadness at the same time.”

Books Are Magic image Liv Stratman, Books Are Magic
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The Great Pretender

The Undercover Mission That Changed Our Understanding of Madness

By Susannah Cahalan
Narrated by: Christie Moreau & Susannah Cahalan
Length: 11 hours 3 minutes

The Great Pretender

“Susannah Cahalan, the bestselling author of Brain on Fire, is back with another riveting true story of madness and the mental health system. In the 1970s, Dr. David Rosenhan convinced seven sane people to join him in committing themselves to mental hospitals as patients and trying to get out on their own. What begins as an inspiring and daring story of experimentation darkens and twists as Cahalan closes in on a story shrouded in mystery—who were these seven ‘pseudopatients’ in Rosenhan’s groundbreaking study, and what really happened to them? The Great Pretender is not-to-be-missed narrative nonfiction.”

Underground Books image Megan Bell, Underground Books
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Movies (And Other Things)

By Shea Serrano
Narrated by: Mario Toscano
Length: 11 hours 6 minutes

"Paging through Serrano's Movies (and Other Things) is like taking a long drive at night with a friend; there's that warmth and familiarity where the chat is more important than the fastest route from Point A to Point B...It's... Read more »

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By Rachel Cusk
Narrated by: Antonia Beamish
Length: 7 hours 29 minutes

After the publication of Outline, Transit and Kudos - in which Rachel Cusk redrew the boundaries of fiction - this writer of uncommon brilliance returns with a series of essays that offers new insights on the themes at the heart of her life's work. Encompassing memoir and cultural and literary criticism, with pieces on gender, politics and... Read more »

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In the Dream House

A Memoir

By Carmen Maria Machado
Narrated by: Carmen Maria Machado
Length: 5 hours 28 minutes

In the Dream House

“In the Dream House is the intersection of so many things. It's the story of a poisonous relationship between two women. It creates an archive of abusive queer relationships that has been absent in the culture's conscious for far too long. It's a study of style and form. It's tactile. It's phantasmagoria. It's a completely unique reading experience. It accesses a subterranean level of unease that it belongs on the shelf next to Poe or Lovecraft. Machado has accomplished something extraordinary here, something that should be studied meticulously and relished in as it horrifies you to your very core.”

BookBar image Conner, BookBar
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All Blood Runs Red

The Legendary Life of Eugene Bullard-Boxer, Pilot, Soldier, Spy

By Phil Keith, Phil Keith with Tom Clavin & Tom Clavin
Narrated by: James Shippy
Length: 8 hours 54 minutes

The incredible story of the first African American military pilot, who went on to become a Paris nightclub impresario, a spy in the French Resistance and an American civil rights pioneer

Eugene Bullard lived one of the most fascinating lives of the twentieth century. The son of a former slave and an indigenous Creek woman, Bullard fled home at... Read more »

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How We Fight For Our Lives

By Saeed Jones
Narrated by: Saeed Jones
Length: 5 hours 34 minutes

How We Fight For Our Lives

“This memoir by black and gay poet Saeed Jones is a visceral coming of age and coming out story. Growing up as an only child to his single mother in Texas and spending summers with his evangelical grandmother in Memphis, Jones struggles to come to terms with his sexuality, to come out of the closet, and to love himself. He wrestles with his fractured identity, learning what it means to be gay in the black community, to be black in the gay community, and to realize that either one on its own is enough to get you killed in a straight, white world. There are passages that will bruise and choke you, but ultimately both Jones and the reader come out of the book all the better for it.”

The Book Table image Rachel, The Book Table
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Classic Krakauer

"Mark Foo's Last Ride," "After the Fall," and Other Essays from the Vault

By Jon Krakauer
Narrated by: Scott Brick
Length: 5 hours 28 minutes

Spanning an extraordinary range of subjects and locations, these ten gripping essays show why Jon Krakauer is considered a standard-bearer of modern journalism.

His pieces take us from a horrifying avalanche on Mount Everest to a volcano poised to obliterate a big chunk of Seattle; from a wilderness teen-therapy program run by apparent sadists... Read more »

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Who Put This Song On?

By Morgan Parker
Narrated by: Jorjeana Marie, Bahni Turpin, Morgan Parker, Michael Crouch, Bailey Carr, Tim Andrés Pabon & Dan Bittner
Length: 9 hours 8 minutes

"Unflinchingly irreverent, laugh-out-loud funny, and heartbreakingly honest." —Elizabeth Acevedo, National Book Award winner and New York Times bestselling author of The Poet X

In the vein of powerful reads like The Hate U Give and The Poet X, comes poet Morgan Parker's pitch-perfect novel about a black teenage girl searching for her identity... Read more »

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Grand Union


By Zadie Smith
Narrated by: Zadie Smith & Doc Brown
Length: 6 hours 5 minutes

Grand Union

“Whether she’s telling a very short story about a mother and daughter discussing animal cruelty while on vacation or a longer story about a trio of celebrities on a road trip to escape New York, Grand Union shows that Zadie Smith is as adept with short fiction as she is with the novel. For a form of literature that always seems to enhance the faults of lesser writers, short stories, for Smith, seem only to make her shine brighter than ever.”

Bennard Fajardo image Bennard Fajardo, Politics and Prose Bookstore
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Agent Running in the Field

A Novel

By John le Carré
Narrated by: John le Carré
Length: 9 hours 32 minutes

“[Le Carré’s] novels are so brilliant because they’re emotionally and psychologically absolutely true, but of course they’re novels.” —New York Times Book Review

A thrilling tale for our times from the undisputed master of the spy genre

Nat, a 47 year-old veteran of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, believes his years as an agent runner are... Read more »

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Year of the Monkey

By Patti Smith
Narrated by: Patti Smith
Length: 4 hours 31 minutes

Year of the Monkey

“Thanks to I just spent six hours with Patti Smith in my car. There is no better balm for getting unstuck than to listen to someone clearly enlivened by aging, loss, death and elections. Admittedly, Patti's global walkabout In The Year of the Monkey, a memoir of her life approaching the age of 70, often blurs dream and reality - and I've not worked out the meaning of the candy wrappers yet - but still. This book has got soul, and I've listened to it twice. Aside from learning that she likes beans and eggs for breakfast, Patti writes with a raw and compelling lucidity about being, writing, gratitude and truth. Listen to it twice.”

Northshire Bookstore image Nancy, Northshire Bookstore
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The Starless Sea

A Novel

By Erin Morgenstern
Narrated by: Dominic Hoffman & Various
Length: 18 hours 36 minutes

If you enjoyed Little, Big, then you’ll love The Starless Sea.

“Love, ghosts, libraries, presents, pasts, finding and losing, seeking and discovering, all intertwined in a puzzle-ring through which narrative lines twine and weave, until the reader's delight at knowing the characters and seeing the world bursts with glorious epiphany. Not since "Little, Big" have I read a book that so caught my fancy, nor since Gormenghast have I found such an all-absorbing and whimsical world, nor since Borges and Calvino have I touched such an intricate creation of story and meta-story. This is not just a book. It's a legend, and let me introduce you, reader, to the part you are to play....”

The Haunted Bookshop image Nialle, The Haunted Bookshop
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A Novel

By Angie Cruz
Narrated by: Coral Peña
Length: 10 hours 12 minutes


“Angie Cruz is a beautiful writer with a powerful voice, and readers of Julia Alvarez and Sandra Cisneros will greatly enjoy this book! Dominicana is a riveting story about family, womanhood, and what it means to be an immigrant. Ana Cancion, who’s only 15, leaves her home behind for a new life in New York City with her soon-to-be husband, Juan Ruiz. Big lights, tall buildings, and a bright future constitute the promise of a new beginning. However, upon Ana’s arrival, her fate untangles into something unexpected. It’ll be really hard to forget these characters and the realness in their heartache. Throughout these pages, I fell in and out of love, I laughed, I cried, and I was deeply moved.”

Books & Books image Cristina Lebron, Books & Books
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Essays of Undoing

By Terry Tempest Williams
Narrated by: Terry Tempest Williams
Length: 9 hours 1 minutes


“Our undoing is also our becoming. We erode and we evolve. Weaving together the erosion of our planet & the rise of for profit politics while coping with the loss of her brother, Terry Tempest Williams offers us hope, resilience and courage in the face of surrounding heartbreak.”

Collected Works Bookstore image Kaya, Collected Works Bookstore
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The Witches Are Coming

By Lindy West
Narrated by: Lindy West
Length: 6 hours 27 minutes

The Witches Are Coming

“This was recommended to me as a funny political/social commentary read. How right they were. Lindy West is funny, on the point, and full of rational sense! So many things became clear, like why I no longer watch "funny" movies made by "funny" men. I highly recommend this to anybody who likes humor and non-fiction/memoir stuff. Particularly if you are in search of your next audiobook.”

The Bookloft image Julia, The Bookloft
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Spying on the South

An Odyssey Across the American Divide

By Tony Horwitz
Narrated by: Mark Deakins & Tony Horwitz
Length: 17 hours 9 minutes

The New York Times-bestselling final book by the beloved, Pulitzer-Prize winning historian Tony Horwitz.
With Spying on the South, the best-selling author of Confederates in the Attic returns to the South and the Civil War era for an epic adventure on the trail of America's greatest landscape architect. In the 1850s, the young Frederick Law... Read more »

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Sofia Valdez, Future Prez

By Andrea Beaty
Narrated by: Marisa Blake
Length: 14 minutes

Every morning, Abuelo walks Sofia to school...until the day that Abuelo hurts his ankle at a local landfill and he can no longer do so. Sofia misses her Abuelo and wonders what she can do about the dangerous Mount Trashmore. Then she gets an idea—the town can turn the slimy mess into a park! She brainstorms and plans and finally works up the... Read more »

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How to Read a Book

By Kwame Alexander
Narrated by: Kwame Alexander
Length: 5 minutes

2020 Audie Awards® Finalist - Young Reader 

Newbery Medalist Kwame Alexander narrates the audiobook version of his How to Read a Book, a poetic journey about the experience of reading.

Find a tree—a

black tupelo or

dawn redwood will do—and

plant yourself.

(It’s okay if you prefer a stoop, like Langston Hughes.)

With these words, an adventure begins.... Read more »

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