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The Vancouver Writers Fest

Included in this playlist are titles from authors, poets, and thinkers from across the globe who are appearing at this year’s Vancouver Writers Fest.

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A Novel

By Michael Christie
Narrated by: Kimberly Farr
Length: 18 hours 47 minutes


“Trees: They provide shelter, sustenance, and sanctuary for vast numbers of creatures. They create the very air we breathe. And they are under threat. For generations, the Greenwood family lives with, destroys, fights for, and monetizes these gentle giants until their very existence is absorbed into the class system designed and upheld by the one percent. This is a sweeping arboreal saga full of blood, greed, heart, and humanity. Greenwood will fell readers worldwide.”

Bloomsbury Books image Bex Petterson, Bloomsbury Books
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The Innocents

By Michael Crummey
Narrated by: Mary Lewis
Length: 9 hours 2 minutes


*NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF 2019 BY The Globe and Mail • CBC • Toronto Star • Maclean's

Crummey's novel has...
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A Mind Spread Out on the Ground

By Alicia Elliott
Narrated by: Alicia Elliott
Length: 6 hours 36 minutes




A bold and profound meditation on trauma, legacy, oppression and racism in North America from award-winning Haudenosaunee...
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My Parents / This Does Not Belong to You

By Aleksandar Hemon
Narrated by: Jeremy Arthur
Length: 8 hours 43 minutes

An intimate portrait of immigration, family, and the heartbreaking (and sometimes hilarious) things that happen along the way from the author Colum McCann calls "the greatest writer of our generation."

In My Parents, Aleksandar Hemon tells the story of his parents' immigration from Bosnia to Canada--of the lives that were upended in the Siege of... Read more »

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We Contain Multitudes

By Sarah Henstra
Narrated by: Matthew Gouveia & Tony Kim
Length: 9 hours 15 minutes

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe meets I'll Give You the Sun in an exhilarating and emotional novel about the growing relationship between two teens boys, told through the letters they write to one another.
Jonathan Hopkirk and Adam "Kurl" Kurlansky are partnered in English class, writing letters to one another in a... Read more »

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By Nazanine Hozar
Narrated by: Neeky Dalir
Length: 13 hours 26 minutes

National Bestseller

This extraordinary, gripping debut is a rags-to-riches-to-revolution tale about an orphan girl's coming of age in Iran.

"Aria is a feminist odyssey, about a girl in a time of intolerance as the revolution in Iran is breaking out . . . a poised and dramatic historical novel with contemporary relevance." --John Irving

"Here comes...
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Peace and Good Order

The Case for Indigenous Justice in Canada

By Harold R. Johnson
Narrated by: Craig Lauzon
Length: 3 hours 11 minutes

An urgent, informed, intimate condemnation of the Canadian state and its failure to deliver justice to Indigenous people by national bestselling author and former Crown prosecutor Harold R. Johnson.

"The night of the decision in the Gerald Stanley trial for the murder of Colten Boushie, I received a text message from a retired provincial court... Read more »

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The Love and Lies of Rukhsana Ali

By Sabina Khan
Narrated by: Richa Shukla
Length: 8 hours 31 minutes

With a welcome mix of humor, heart, and high-stakes drama, Sabina Khan provides a timely and honest portrait of what it's like to grow up feeling unwelcome in your own culture.

Seventeen-year-old Rukhsana Ali tries her hardest to live up to her conservative Muslim parents' expectations, but lately she's finding that impossible to do. She rolls... Read more »

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Social Purpose Annual Report

Social Purpose Annual Report

As we look to the future as a Social Purpose Corporation, we’re committed to serving readers and independent bookstores. Read our 2020 Annual Report to see an overview of the year.

Read the Report

Dual Citizens

A novel

By Alix Ohlin
Narrated by: Thérèse Plummer
Length: 9 hours 43 minutes

A Scotiabank Giller Prize Finalist

Raised in Montreal by their disinterested single mother, half-sisters Lark and Robin form a fierce team in spite of their differences. When Lark flees to America to attend college, her sister soon joins her. But even as Lark discovers a calling working in documentary film, she struggles with self-doubt, and... Read more »

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Hello I Want to Die Please Fix Me

Depression in the First Person

By Anna Mehler Paperny
Narrated by: Tess Degenstein
Length: 11 hours 33 minutes


Award-winning journalist Anna Mehler Paperny's stunning memoir chronicles with courageous honesty and uncommon eloquence her experience of depression and her quest to explore what we know and don't know about this disease that afflicts almost a fifth of the...
Read more »

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I Become a Delight to My Enemies

By Sara Peters
Narrated by: Pearl Harbour, Angela Asher, Amanda Cordner, Tess Degenstein, Maggie Huculak, Pam Hyatt, Jani Lauzon, Justin Miller, Amy Nostbakken, Paloma Nuñez, Norah Sadava, Amelia Sargisson, Nicole Stamp & Michaela Washburn
Length: 2 hours 42 minutes

Dark, cutting, and coursed through with bright flashes of humour, crystalline imagery, and razor-sharp detail, I Become a Delight to My Enemies is a gut-wrenchingly powerful, breathtakingly beautiful meditation on the violence and shame inflicted on the female body and psyche.

An experimental fiction, I Become a Delight to My Enemies uses many... Read more »

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The Farm

A Novel

By Joanne Ramos
Narrated by: Fran de Leon
Length: 13 hours 53 minutes

The Farm

“The Farm was eerily haunting and a bit too real at times while being a captivating page turner. Ramos describes women from different backgrounds all with the the need or desire for a better life, all subjecting themselves to be "Hosts" for mysterious clients who would rather pay top dollar than go through with pregnancy themselves. Providing a chilling view into the possibilities of farming humans, Ramos explores the commodification of women's wombs... is this luxury resort and large paycheck worth the costs of maintaining the facade. If you liked The Handmaid's Tale, you will like this book.”

Content image Emma, Content
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Your Life is Mine

A Novel

By Nathan Ripley
Narrated by: Candace Thaxton & Corey Brill
Length: 7 hours 37 minutes

Instant national bestseller Nathan Ripley follows up the success of Find You in the Dark with another suspenseful page-turnerthis time about a woman whose notorious father died when she was a child, but whose legacy comes back to haunt her.

Blanche Potter never expected to face her past again—but she can’t escape it.

Blanche, an up-and-coming... Read more »

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A Novel in Warnings

By Anakana Schofield
Narrated by: Anakana Schofield
Length: 5 hours 28 minutes

The extraordinary bestselling novel from the acclaimed writer whose previous book, Martin John, was shortlisted for the Giller Prize, and whose debut, Malarky, won the Amazon First Novel Award.

"My name is Bina and I'm a very busy woman. That's Bye-na, not Beena. I don't know who Beena is but I expect she's having a happy life. I don't know who... Read more »

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The Bird King

By G. Willow Wilson
Narrated by: Elmira Rahim
Length: 14 hours 8 minutes

The Bird King

“Fatima is a concubine of the sultan of the last emirate in the Iberian Peninsula to submit to the Spanish Inquisition. When her dearest friend, Hassan, a mapmaker who can map places he has never seen (and that do not always exist), is singled out by the Inquisition, she flees with him and a jinn, following the trail of the elusive and mythical Bird King, who may or may not be able to grant them sanctuary. Wilson’s latest novel is rich with the historical detail, lush description, and fantastical elements that we have come to know and love from her. A story of resistance, freedom, seeking, and strength, and a true fable for our times.”

University Book Store image Anna Eklund, University Book Store
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A Thousand Small Sanities

The Moral Adventure of Liberalism

By Adam Gopnik
Narrated by: Adam Gopnik
Length: 7 hours 27 minutes

A stirring defense of liberalism against the dogmatisms of our time from an award-winning and New York Times bestselling author.
Not since the early twentieth century has liberalism, and liberals, been under such relentless attack, from both right and left. The crisis of democracy in our era has produced a crisis of faith in liberal... Read more »

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The Idiot

By Elif Batuman
Narrated by: Elif Batuman
Length: 13 hours 39 minutes

The Idiot

“Batuman's voice is bitingly original and her protagonist, Selin, brings vitality to the pages through her odd, serious, and slightly sardonic naivete. The honesty of Selin's self-exploration during her first year at Harvard struck a chord with me. Her frank sense of observation as she navigates first love, friendship, and freshman year are a breath of fresh air. I have not read anything quite like The Idiot and I doubt I will again. I loved it.”

Astoria Bookshop image Kisky Holwerda, Astoria Bookshop
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The Daughter's Tale

A Novel

By Armando Lucas Correa
Narrated by: Cassandra Campbell
Length: 9 hours 8 minutes

From the internationally bestselling author of The German Girl, an unforgettable, “searing” (People) saga exploring a hidden piece of World War II history and the lengths a mother will go to protect her children—perfect for fans of Lilac Girls, We Were the Lucky Ones, and The Alice Network.

Seven decades of secrets unravel with the arrival of a... Read more »

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An Orchestra of Minorities

By Chigozie Obioma
Narrated by: Chukwudi Iwuji
Length: 18 hours 8 minutes

A heartbreaking story about a Nigerian poultry farmer who sacrifices everything to win the woman he loves, by Man Booker Finalist and author of The Fishermen, Chigozie Obioma.

"It is more than a superb and tragic novel; it's a historical treasure."-Boston Globe

Set on the outskirts of Umuahia, Nigeria and narrated by a chi, or guardian spirit,... Read more »

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The Arrangement

By Robyn Harding
Narrated by: Amanda Dolan
Length: 9 hours 15 minutes

A Pretty Woman tale turns toxic and deadly in this provocative thriller of sex, obsession, and murder from Robyn Harding, the “master of domestic suspense” (Kathleen Barber) and the USA TODAY bestselling author of The Swap and Her Pretty Face.

Natalie, a young art student in New York City, is struggling to pay her bills when a friend makes a... Read more »

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