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True Crime

These titles will leave you hanging on to the edge of your seat from the first moment you press play to the final reveal.

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The Witness Wore Red

The 19th Wife Who Brought Polygamous Cult Leaders to Justice

By Rebecca Musser & M. Bridget Cook
Narrated by: Rebecca Musser
Length: 14 hours 5 minutes

Rebecca Musser grew up in fear, concealing her family's polygamous lifestyle from the "dangerous" outside world. Covered head-to-toe in strict, modest clothing, she received a rigorous education at Alta Academy, the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints' school headed by Warren Jeffs. Always seeking to be an obedient... Read more »

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The Good Nurse

A True Story of Medicine, Madness, and Murder

By Charles Graeber
Narrated by: Will Collyer
Length: 11 hours 34 minutes

An intimate -- and frightening -- glimpse inside the mind of America's most prolific serial killer, Charles Cullen, whose 16-year long "nursing" career left as many as 400 dead.

After his December 2003 arrest, registered nurse Charlie Cullen was quickly dubbed "The Angel of Death" by the media. But Cullen was no mercy killer, nor was he a... Read more »

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Dallas 1963

Patriots, Traitors, and the Assassination of JFK

By Bill Minutaglio & Steven L. Davis
Narrated by: Tony Messano, Bill Minutaglio & Steven L. Davis
Length: 12 hours 2 minutes

In the months and weeks before the fateful November 22nd, 1963, Dallas was brewing with political passions, a city crammed with larger-than-life characters dead-set against the Kennedy presidency. These included rabid warriors like defrocked military general Edwin A. Walker; the world's richest oil baron, H. L. Hunt; the leader of the largest... Read more »

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A Cool and Lonely Courage

The Untold Story of Sister Spies in Occupied France

By Susan Ottaway
Narrated by: Catherine Harvey
Length: 9 hours 3 minutes

The incredible true story of British special agents Eileen and Jacqueline Nearne, sisters who risked everything to fight for freedom during the Second World War.

When elderly recluse Eileen Nearne died, few suspected that the quiet little old lady was a decorated WWII war hero. Volunteering to serve for British intelligence at age 21, Eileen was... Read more »

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The Accountant's Story

Inside the Violent World of the Medellín Cartel

By David Fisher & Roberto Escobar
Narrated by: Ruben Diaz
Length: 10 hours 6 minutes

"I have many scars. Some of them are physical, but many more are scars on my soul. A bomb sent to kill me while I was in a maximum security prison has made me blind, yet now I see the world more clearly than I have ever seen it before. I have lived an incredible adventure. I watched as my brother, Pablo Escobar, became the most successful... Read more »

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The Monster of Florence

By Douglas Preston & Mario Spezi
Narrated by: Dennis Boutsikaris
Length: 9 hours 47 minutes

In the nonfiction tradition of John Berendt and Erik Larson, the author of the #1 NYT bestseller The Lost City of the Monkey God presents a gripping account of crime and punishment in the lush hills surrounding Florence as he seeks to uncover one of the most infamous figures in Italian history.
In 2000, Douglas Preston fulfilled a dream to... Read more »

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Shadows in the Vineyard

The True Story of the Plot to Poison the World's Greatest Wine

By Maximillian Potter
Narrated by: Donald Corren
Length: 8 hours 40 minutes

Journalist Maximillian Potter uncovers a fascinating plot to destroy the vines of La Romance-Conti, Burgundy's finest and most expensive wine.

In January 2010, Aubert de Villaine, the famed proprietor of the Domaine de la Romance-Conti, the tiny, storied vineyard that produces the most expensive, exquisite wines in the world, received an... Read more »

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Murder on the Home Front

A True Story of Morgues, Murderers, and Mysteries during the London Blitz

By Molly Lefebure
Narrated by: Lucy Rayner
Length: 10 hours 26 minutes

It is 1941. While the "war of chaos" rages in the skies above London, an unending fight against violence, murder and the criminal underworld continues on the streets below.

One ordinary day, in an ordinary courtroom, forensic pathologist Dr. Keith Simpson asks a keen young journalist to be his secretary. Although the "horrors of secretarial... Read more »

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