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New Releases for Pride

Celebrate Pride with these hot new audiobooks, available through your local bookstore!

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Radical Belonging

How to Survive and Thrive in an Unjust World (While Transforming it for the Better)

By Lindo Bacon
Narrated by: LaQuita James
Length: 10 hours 50 minutes

We are in the midst of a cultural moment. #MeToo. #BlackLivesMatter. #TransIsBeautiful. #AbleismExists. #EffYourBeautyStandards. Those of us who don't fit into the "mythical norm" (white, male, cisgender, able-bodied, slender, Christian, etc.)—which is to say, most of us—are demanding our basic right: To know that who we are matters. To... Read more »
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As a Woman

What I Learned about Power, Sex, and the Patriarchy after I Transitioned

By Paula Stone Williams
Narrated by: Paula Stone Williams
Length: 7 hours 55 minutes

This moving and unforgettable memoir of a transgender pastor’s transition from male to female is an “audacious, gripping, and profoundly real journey that speaks to the mind, heart, and soul” (Joshua J. Dickson, director of Faith Based Initiatives, Biden Campaign)—perfect for fans of Redefining Realness and There Is Room for You.

As a father of... Read more »
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The Boi of Feather and Steel


By Adan Jerreat-Poole
Length: 10 hours 16 minutes

After Tav’s dangerous journey to the magical City of Eyes, they realize they’re more than just a purple-haired, motorcycle-riding teenager who can see magic—they know how to use it.Returning to the human world, the City of Ghosts, Tav’s team races to heal the wounds in the veil between worlds as Tav struggles with their own identity. Meanwhile,...

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Gay the Pray Away

Healing your life, love and relationships from the harm of LGBT conversion therapy

By Erika Allison
Narrated by: Erika Allison
Length: 6 hours 1 minutes

Does this sound like you? “This is it! I finally found the one! My true love!” But then, you’re disappointed, unfulfilled, and restless. Do you reluctantly stay and try to make it work, or painfully move on and keep looking? Perhaps you’ve even been accused of being a serial monogamist! At some point you wonder, “Is it them? Or could it actually... Read more »
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