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2020 PEN America Literary Awards Finalists

This year’s PEN America Literary Awards will recognize writers and translators whose exceptional literary works were published in 2019. The winners will be announced live at the 2020 PEN America Literary Awards Ceremony on March 2.

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Last Boat Out of Shanghai

The Epic Story of the Chinese Who Fled Mao's Revolution

By Helen Zia
Narrated by: Nancy Wu
Length: 17 hours 12 minutes

The dramatic real life stories of four young people caught up in the mass exodus of Shanghai in the wake of China's 1949 Communist revolution. Shanghai has historically been China's jewel, its richest, most modern, and westernized city. The bustling metropolis was home to sophisticated intellectuals, entrepreneurs, and a thriving middle class... Read more »

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The Origins of Moral Intuition

By Patricia S. Churchland
Narrated by: Suzie Althens
Length: 7 hours

In Conscience, Patricia S. Churchland, the distinguished founder of neurophilosophy, explores how moral systems arise from our physical selves in combination with environmental demands. All social groups have ideals for behavior, even though ethics vary among different cultures and among individuals within each culture. In trying to understand... Read more »

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Mama's Last Hug

Animal and Human Emotion

By Frans de Waal
Narrated by: L.J. Ganser
Length: 10 hours 38 minutes

New York Times best-selling author and primatologist Frans de Waal explores the fascinating world of animal and human emotions. New York Times best-selling author and primatologist Frans de Waal explores the fascinating world of animal and human emotions. Mama's Last Hug opens with the dramatic farewell between Mama, a dying fifty-nine-year-old... Read more »

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The End of Ice

Bearing Witness and Finding Meaning in the Path of Climate Disruption

By Dahr Jamail
Narrated by: Tom Parks
Length: 7 hours 58 minutes

The author who Jeremy Scahill calls the “quintessential unembedded reporter” visits “hot spots” around the world in a global quest to discover how we will cope with our planet’s changing ecosystems

After nearly a decade overseas as a war reporter, the acclaimed journalist Dahr Jamail returned to America to renew his passion for mountaineering,... Read more »

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Losing Earth

A Recent History

By Nathaniel Rich
Narrated by: Matt Godfrey
Length: 5 hours 17 minutes

"This is an important, infuriating, enlightening, engaging, and engrossing audiobook...Anyone wishing to learn how the world has gotten to the point of almost inevitable climate disaster will be well served by listening to Godfrey's measured but emphatic reading." — AudioFile Magazine

By 1979, we knew nearly everything we understand today... Read more »

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