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The Outcomes Conference 2018

Here is a playlist with the latest books by our keynote speakers from The Outcomes Conference 201y. We are featuring their audiobooks just for you!

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Believe 365-Day Devotional

What I Believe. Who I Am Becoming.

By Randy Frazee & Rozanne Frazee
Narrated by: Van Tracy & Maria Katayama
Length: 10 hours 21 minutes

Go from knowing the story of the Bible to living it.

God invites us to be shaped through His Word. And so we look to Scripture and spend devotional time searching for answers to these three crucial questions: What do I believe? What should I do? Who am I becoming?

Let God guide you in thinking, acting, and becoming like Jesus through these 365...

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Believe Audio Bible Dramatized - New International Version, NIV: Complete Bible

Living the Story of the Bible to Become LIke Jesus

By Randy Frazee
Narrated by: Maria Katayama & Van Tracy
Length: 17 hours 57 minutes

Grounded in carefully selected Scripture, Believe Audio Bible in the NIV is a unique spiritual growth experience that takes you on a journey to think, act, and be more like Jesus. General Editor and pastor Randy Frazee walks you through the ten key beliefs of the Christian faith, the ten key practices of a Jesus-follower, and the ten key virtues...

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Limitless Life

You Are More Than Your Past When God Holds Your Future

By Derwin L. Gray
Narrated by: Van Tracy
Length: 7 hours 4 minutes

Is your life limited by labels the world and other people have used to define you? 

Labels you have internalized and apply to yourself every day. Labels like Afraid. Or Addict. Orphan. Damaged Goods. Failure. Maybe even Religious. These labels might be sewn into your life with such tight little stitches that they feel like a part of you. They...

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The Forgotten Jesus

How Western Christians Should Follow an Eastern Rabbi

By Robby Gallaty
Narrated by: Adam Verner
Length: 7 hours 34 minutes

Through the years, our understanding of Jesus has been shaped by different cultural influences, and many Christians have forgotten that Jesus was a Jewish man living in a Jewish land, observing Jewish customs, and investing his life into Jewish men and women.Trading the popular but inaccurate Western perspective of the Bible for the context in... Read more »

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Wherever the River Runs

How a Forgotten People Renewed My Hope in the Gospel

By Kelly Minter
Narrated by: Renee Ertl
Length: 7 hours 32 minutes

The least of these have the most to give.

In Wherever the River Runs, Kelly Minter invites us on a journey down a river teeming with piranhas and caimans, as well as machete-wielding mothers, heroic jungle pastors, faith-filled children, and miracles too seldom experienced in our part of the world. Kelly’s honest and engaging narrative pulls back...

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