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How to Live Like the French

Pick up one of these books and learn how to eat, drink, parent, and think as the French do!

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Bringing Up Bébé

One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting

By Pamela Druckerman
Narrated by: Abby Craden
Length: 9 hours 7 minutes

The secret behind France's astonishingly well-behaved children.

When American journalist Pamela Druckerman has a baby in Paris, she doesn't aspire to become a "French parent." French parenting isn't a known thing, like French fashion or French cheese. Even French parents themselves insist they aren't doing anything special.

Yet, the French... Read more »

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How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are

Love, Style, and Bad Habits

By Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline De Maigret & Sophie Mas
Narrated by: Carrington MacDuffie
Length: 3 hours 8 minutes

From four stunning and accomplished French women—at last—a fresh and spirited take on what it really means to be a Parisienne: how they dress, entertain, have fun and attempt to behave themselves.
In short, frisky sections, these Parisian women give you their very original views on style, beauty, culture, attitude and men. The authors—Anne... Read more »

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French Kids Eat Everything

How Our Family Moved to France, Cured Picky Eating, Banned Snacking, and Discovered 10 Simple Rules for Raising Happy, Healthy Eaters

By Karen Le Billon
Narrated by: Cris Dukehart
Length: 8 hours 13 minutes

French Kids Eat Everything is a wonderfully wry account of how Karen Le Billon was able to alter her children’s deep-rooted, decidedly unhealthy North American eating habits while they were all living in France.

At once a memoir, a cookbook, a how-to handbook, and a delightful exploration of how the French manage to feed children without endless... Read more »

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(Not Quite) Mastering the Art of French Living

By Mark Greenside
Narrated by: Richard Poe
Length: 8 hours 15 minutes

Every year upon arriving in Plobien, the small Breton town where he spends his summers, American writer Mark Greenside picks back up where he left off with his faux-pas–filled Francophile life. Mellowed and humbled, but not daunted (OK, slightly daunted), he faces imminent concerns: What does he cook for a French person? Who has the right-of-way... Read more »

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What French Women Know

By Debra Ollivier
Narrated by: Debra Ollivier
Length: 5 hours 20 minutes

A primer on the ineffable, je ne sais quoi appeal of the French woman.

I t?s not the shoes, the scarves, or the lipstick that gives French women their allure. It?s this: French women don?t give a damn. They don?t expect men to understand them. They don?t care about being liked or being like everyone else. They generally reject notions of... Read more »

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French Women Don't Get Fat

The Secret of Eating for Pleasure

By Mireille Guiliano
Narrated by: Kathe Mazur
Length: 7 hours 20 minutes

Stylish, convincing, wise, funny–and just in time: the ultimate non-diet book, which could radically change the way you think and live.

French women don’t get fat, but they do eat bread and pastry, drink wine, and regularly enjoy three-course meals. In her delightful tale, Mireille Guiliano unlocks the simple secrets of this “French paradox”–how... Read more »

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French Women Don't Get Facelifts

The Secret of Aging with Style & Attitude

By Mireille Guiliano
Narrated by: Mireille Guiliano
Length: 7 hours 33 minutes

The author of the bestselling French Women Don't Get Fat shares the secrets and strategies of aging with attitude, joy, and no surgery.

With her signature blend of wit, no-nonsense advice, and storytelling flair, Mireille Guiliano returns with a delightful, encouraging take on beauty and aging for our times. For anyone who has ever spent the... Read more »

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When in French

Love in a Second Language

By Lauren Collins
Narrated by: Khristine Hvam
Length: 7 hours 43 minutes

A language barrier is no match for love. Lauren Collins discovered this firsthand when, in her early thirties, she moved to London and fell for a Frenchman named Olivier—a surprising turn of events for someone who didn’t have a passport until she was in college. But what does it mean to love someone in a second language? Collins wonders, as her... Read more »

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